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Help us with our Homily Resources

Our Homily Resources for each month of 2017 will be (we hope) uploaded near the BEGINNING of each month. Therefore you’ll be able to read — and critique — the input for most dates in that month, ahead of time, using our mainpage Calendar to access any date in which you have a special interest.

The more you get involved in this, the better. We would be very glad to refresh and improve the homily notes, with the help of our regular readers. You can add your ideas either by using the “Leave a Reply” feature on the date in question, or by sending a homily-outline directly to: Pat Rogers (rogers AT┬ámountargus.ie).

The sender’s name will be attached to any homily-input you may opt to send to me; but omitting your email address unless you specify that you want it to be posted alongside your name.


One Response

  1. Joseph Iroka

    Please I need the homily for 1st January 2017, that is on Mother of God.
    Kind regards.
    Merry Christmas.
    Joseph Iroka

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