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An interesting initiative called “DeaconChat’  has been launched by the Association of U.S. Catholic Priests, FutureChurch, and Voice of the Faithful.

On May 12, 2016 Pope Francis — responding to a question posed by members of the International Union of Superiors General (UISG) — said that he would establish a commission to study the question of ordaining women deacons in the Roman Catholic Church.

That commission was formally announced in August and began its work in November of 2016.

As the commission undertakes its work, it is important that Catholics — lay and ordained — undergo their own study and discernment of the history and present possibility of ordaining women to the diaconate. Many Catholics — clergy included — are eager to learn more about this topic.

Thus, the goal of “DeaconChat” is to bring the ordained and the laity together in conversation to continue to learn and discern together.

For full details of this initiative link on the link underneath.


3 Responses

  1. Phil Greene

    I am really struggling with this initiative.

    It appears that we must have an absolute perfect model for women deacons before it will be allowed. More conversations must take place , people must go to their priest , bishop etc. to help them and the parish discern how women can contribute … as a deacon , but maybe not.. let’s see what comes from the conversation…!
    Did we have such a call for engagement when male deacons were first suggested . Did we invest so much time and have the perfect model for male deacons beforehand? .. do we have the perfect model now..? Are all priests/bishops fully engaged in the development of this ministry?
    Why is the Catholic church so at odds with offering equal opportunities to everyone… how can our children engage with such silliness..?
    There are certain times when the inverted pyramid will work , but this is not one of them, or it is no longer one of them, the laity will be there to support the (positive) decision and process once the decision is made .. we have talked too long about it .. the church . CDF etc. must have all the information it needs surrounding this issue .. I can’t understand how they would need more!!
    A change in mindset combined with a sense of urgency would be more helpful in finding ways to bring forward some REAL progress.
    Is this initiative just another distraction from REAL action..? let’s hope not.

  2. Martin Murray

    I share your frustration Phil. In one sense its great that we are getting opportunities to discuss and the possibility of ordaining women to the diaconate. But yes, in another it’s actually shocking and shameful that we even have to. Maybe this is part of the protracted process that goes with any and all initiatives in the Catholic Church, but again yes, let’s get on with making it happen!

  3. Mary Vallely

    I’m not sure the diaconate is the answer to the shortage of priests, not the way it is structured at present. How many male spouses would be as supportive of their deacon- in-training wives as the wives are of their deacon- in -training husbands, I wonder? I cannot see why we cannot just ordain women although priestly formation is in desperate need of re-structuring, and deep, deep discussion. Is the present model effective in 2017?
    What we need to do is change the mindset of those men AND women who see gender as an obstacle and for all of us to see each person, regardless of gender, as one who is made in the image of God and therefore one who can act in persona Christi.
    I concur with what Martin Murray says @2. Discussion is good and as far as I know we haven’t been forbidden from discussing women’s entry to the diaconate unlike ordination to the priesthood!
    The following is worth reflection.

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