21Oct Stones still Standing

Chris McDonnell reflects on the recent synod.
"What’s changed?
We don’t deny the faith of earlier generations by asking that question".

20Oct In tribute to Fr Anthony J Butler RIP

Fr Anthony J Butler SMA died on 16 October 2014 and was buried in Wilton, Cork on 20 October. Tony was a loyal ACP member and a frequent contributor to this site. In tribute to his passing, we re-publish his

18Oct Provisional translation of Pope Francis’ address at the closing of the Synod:

Address of Pope Francis at end of Synod.

“… a temptation to hostile inflexibility of the so-called ‘traditionalists’ and also of the intellectuals… the temptation of the ‘do-gooders,’… of the so-called ‘progressives and liberals…’

17Oct How hungry are the Sheep?

Redemptorist Stan Mellett, who ministers in Ballyfermot, reflects on his ministry and questions if we need to refocus our efforts so the gathering will truly be the ‘people of God’ celebrating the gift of God in Jesus at the Eucharistic table.

16Oct Reconciliation: Penance: Confession: A disappearing Sacrament?

Brendan Hoban revisits the topic of confession and ponders how it can be saved.

15Oct ‘Why Women felt compelled to speak out in Killaloe Diocese’

Kathleen McDonnell in her address at Claremorris explained why she and others in Killaloe diocese felt compelled to speak out against the introduction of the male only permanent diaconate.

13Oct A life in the day of a Parish……

Seamus Ahearne shares his thoughts on a day in the life of a parish
"The life in the day could fill a book and not a page"
"The routine of daily living is ‘killing the spirit’ of so many."
"We are invited to open the eyes of our hearts, minds, imaginations to the enjoyment, hilarity, fun, laughter and peace. It isn’t only Autumn is colourful. Life is full and good. The day goes on. "

05Oct “Proven Women”

Brian Eyre: Catholic Married Priest, Recife, Brazil responds to the discussions at the AGM

03Oct ACP AGM Wednesday 01 October 2014 – Married Priests – Liamy Mac Nally

Address by Liamy McNally to the AGM.

03Oct Fortune Magazine and Pope Francis: Fr. Seán McDonagh, SSC

Sean McDonagh finds signs of hope in an unlikely place, the scandal ridden Vatican bank.