Prayers over the Gifts

Collection of 40 prayers, for use in Ordinary Time, as composed by the ICEL (International Committee for English in the Liturgy). These were part of an ACP file back in 2011, in PDF format. For convenience, …

25Apr It’s still Easter

Bernard Cotter writing recently in The Tablet noted how "It is a strange feature of those who control the consumer calendar, that every feast is celebrated to the full beforehand rather than on the day itself or indeed on any day in its immediate aftermath. Christmas and Easter share a common fate in this regard."
"How does one respond to the challenge of sustaining Easter joy over its full season? Communication is the Church’s primary tool. Perhaps instead of making so much of the 40 days of Lent on their own, the 90 days of Lent/Easter should in their entirety comprise the annual springtime renewal for Christians, with 40 days of fasting, prayer and almsgiving followed by 50 days of feasting, prayer and celebration (a time to honour those in parish ministries with social time together, perhaps)."

21Apr My people are suffering

Chris McDonnell, writing in the Catholic Times, 21 April, asks "why is it that so often the fabric of buildings where people gather for worship is attacked and in consequence many lives are lost? Mosques, Churches, Synagogues, all have been the subjects of outrageous actions........
We should remember in our prayers those of faith who have died in their places of worship with no weapon in sight, their hands open in prayer to the one God who made us."

20Apr Have fun with faith!

Seamus Ahearne writes of how current events - among them "Kim Jong-un and Trump. Two bully boys let loose in our fragile world with bombs and nuclear possibilities" - lead him into recalling images from a distant past. Sadly, "We were full of negativity. The Church was full of misery."
Seamus says we need to "Have fun with faith. Make a splash."

18Apr Crunching Numbers

Brendan Hoban, in The Western People, takes a look at the recently released Census 2016 figures.

13Apr A View from the Pew

Rita Fernandez is a member of the Parish Pastoral Council and is also one of the Parish Team in Rivermount Parish, Finglas.
Rita shares some thoughts on her experience of the reality of parish life.

13Apr The Oblates, the Minister, and the Redress Board

Brendan Hoban, in the Western People, comments on the recent statement by the Oblates made in response to Minister for Education, Richard Bruton, who stated that it was government policy that the congregations would share equal liability with the State for the State's commission of investigation and its redress board.

09Apr A Bidding Prayer or two this Sunday

Chris McDonnell, writing in the Catholic Times. makes a few suggestions about how we pray the 'prayers of the faithful'. "Too often the content of our Bidding Prayers seems to be disconnected from the Liturgy we are celebrating. Unless our liturgical actions have a real connection with the life we are living, they are hollow."

07Apr Statistics: catholics world wide and in Ireland

Pádraig McCarthy shares some interesting statistics with us. e.g. In Ireland those with no religion now account for 9.8% of the population. Those declaring to be Catholic declined by 3.4% since 2011.
Worldwide catholics increased in number in Africa and Asia and the Americas and declined in Europe .

06Apr Speaking ill of the dead (and the living)

Brendan Hoban in a recent article in the Western People wonders about the abandonment by media and some homilists of the tradition of not speaking ill of the dead."If they can’t frame the words needed, to respect the dead and the living, then silence is probably the best policy."

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