17Jun The cumulative effect of scandals has a devastating impact on the Church

Fr. Gerard Maloney writes in the Irish Times of his reaction to the information, and disinformation, about the mother and baby homes.

12Jun Will the U.S. bishops follow Pope Francis?

Jesuit priest, Thomas Reese, writing in the National Catholic Reporter, comments on the meeting of U.S. bishops. The meeting could be a turning point but he asks, will they sail with the Francis wind or will they buck the waves of change?

04Jun Jose Pagola and the Algarve

Seamus Ahearne asks what do we read as priests, or do we? What do bishops read or do they? I wonder what we might come up with, if we took Pagola’s book, mixed in with Pope Francis’ (Joy of the Gospel) and tried to remodel our Church; our parishes; our Deanery; our Diocese; our Liturgies. Can we ever ‘minister’ if there isn’t rigorous discussion, serious study and a deep commitment to making Jesus Christ and Gospel relevant in every age?

28May Statement of the Austrian Pastors’ Intitiative on the Excommunication of Martha and Gert Heizer

This decision is a fatal signal for all who are hoping, together with Pope Francis, for a kind Church that is close to the people.

24May The sudden death of All Hallows

Seamus Ahearne is saddened at the loss of All Hallows. He says “The Church in Ireland; the Church in Dublin will become less hospitable (less warm and open) at the death of such a homely place. We cannot afford the loss of someone so dear. Can something else be done?”

17May The Hamster Wheel of Sacramental Routine:

Seamus Ahearne muses on the special moments of life we mark with Sacraments and he wonders how can we help to let the world of God be glimpsed?

15May The Catholic Church is Beyond Reform

Roy Donovan warns that so much of Pope Francis’ outreach, and all his good efforts, are increasingly becoming more hollow for people who cry out for substance.

13May Lost for words – at a Funeral

Seamus Ahearne reflects on being lost for words at the profoundly sad funeral of Mairead Moran. R.I.P.

12May Why Croke Park and Old Trafford are the new cathedrals

Brendan Hoban ponders how sport has relegated religion in his Western People column.

12May Lessons in Catholic Judgment: New York Times

This article, taken from the New York Times, is a further indication of the mixed messages that are emanating from different sections of the Church

(See also article by Maureen Dowd in today’s (Mon) Irish Times