23Apr The Politics of Saint-Making


With the forthcoming canonisations of two Popes, John XXIII and John Paul II, is it time to look again at the purpose saints are meant to serve. Is the whole process of ‘canonisation’ in need of radical overhaul?

17Apr Comment on Irish Times Cartoon

The leadership of the ACP protests in the strongest possible terms at a cartoon in the Irish Times that they perceive to be gratuitously insulting to Irish Catholic priests

14Apr Calvary- John Michael McDonagh’s New Film

This review of the film ‘Calvary’ was written by Pat Moore, priest of Kerry diocese. He assures me it is well worth seeing.

12Apr Statement of the Association of Catholic Priests – Pope Francis and the ordination of married men.

The ACP calls on the Irish bishops to respond with courage and conviction to the direct challenge presented to them by Pope Francis

11Apr Married men could be ordained priests if world’s bishops agree – Pope Francis

“The Pope explained that he could not take everything in hand personally from Rome. We local bishops, who are best acquainted with the needs of our faithful, should be corajudos, that is ‘courageous’ in Spanish, and make concrete suggestions,”

31Mar Is the priest at home? The personal maturity and mental health of the priest. Brendan O’Rourke

This article was first published in the book “Priesthood Today”, edited by Eamonn Conway.  Brendan O’Rourke is a Redemptorist priest and psychotherapist.  It is published here with the consent of the author.

28Mar Longtime peace activist removed from ministry after concelebrating Mass with woman priest

Clearly the ‘Francis effect’ is not making much impact on the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith as yet!!

20Mar Irish bishops have reverted to regime of ‘secrecy, aloofness and unaccountability’

Sean O’Connaill deplores the bishops’ lack of transparency on the funding and independence of the national body for child protection that they set up (the NSBCCC), and hopes for the day when bishops will be accountable to their people.

20Mar What Protestants think of Pope Francis

Bill Tammeus, a Presbyterian elder, suggests a short list of disagreements Protestants might have with Pope Francis. (First published in the National Catholic Reporter on 19 March 2014: read original article and comments here.)

14Mar Pope Francis has opened a door – let us enter

Gerry O’Hanlon SJ reviews Pope Francis’ first year and flags developments to watch out for. And he asks believers not simply to sit back and admire, but use the opportunities for dialogue Francis provides (first published in Irish Jesuit News).