05Dec We’re not ready to meet the Pope

Brendan Hoban in his Western People column questions if we're ready to hear the message of our Papal visitor.
... "the sad and difficult truth is that we’re not ready in Ireland for the man from the pampas of Argentina or the message of mercy and compassion that reflects the gospel Jesus preached..."
"The terrible tragedy is that we won’t listen because we can’t hear what Pope Francis is saying or accept the direction in which he’s pointing the Church.
The sad truth is that while a defensive Church is up to its neck in denial, our people will have their tongues out for the message Francis brings and the promise he represents ­ wishing it, willing it and wanting it."

04Dec Doubting or dissenting Cardinals?

Michael Sean Winters writes in the National Catholic Reporter about the fact that "Cardinals Brandmüller, Burke, Caffarra and Meisner decided to publish their letter ........ openly challenging the pope to clarify parts of Amoris Laetitia that they find to be a source of confusion."
He concludes with the strong opinion that 'to publicly voice doubts about the magisterial teaching of the church is not something a cardinal should be doing or, if he does, he should have the decency to include his red hat with the submission of his dubia."

02Dec Pope Francis in dialogue with Jesuits

Pádraig McCarthy directs our attention to a meeting held on 24 October between Pope Francis and Jesuits who had gathered in Rome for their 36th General Congregation. Pope Francis conducted a “cordial dialogue” with delegates who asked him questions which Francis did not want to see beforehand.

02Dec On-going media coverage of our AGM

Sarah Mac Donald reports on our recent AGM in the National Catholic Reporter.
The stark, and all too real, picture painted by Brendan Hoban is extensively quoted. We can only hope that this article and other media coverage will encourage all to conduct 'a reasonable conversation' and consider the "right to consideration, acknowledgement, support, encouragement and, above all, respect," that priests are entitled to.
Brendan is further quoted; "Priests who have served the church for so long deserve no less and it's time to start a reasonable conversation about this."

28Nov Thinking for Ourselves

Brendan Hoban in his Western People column tells us that 'openness, transparency and respect are prerequisites for sustaining loyalty...... Adults will only give their loyalty if they are respected as adults.
Which is why infantilism – treating adults as children – no longer works in the modern world. And which is why the Catholic Church, in a more open and questioning society, is struggling so hard to maintain the loyalty of its members.'.

21Nov Preparing to Preach

Preparing to Preach

I’d like to share an excerpt (below) from a sprightly piece called Perpetual Preparation by Kenton Anderson, online at http://www.preaching.org. There are lots of other fine insights on his webpage, suggesting approaches to the homily.  By …

18Nov Isolation; the experiences of clergy

In her address to the AGM Marie Keenan made reference to the work and research carried out by Alan Hilliard.

Alan has kindly made his work available to the ACP website for the benefit of those who may wish to follow up on Marie Keenan’s presentation in Athlone.

17Nov A Priesthood Imprisoned: Presentation by Marie Keenan to the AGM

A Priesthood Imprisoned:
Presentation by Marie Keenan to the AGM
"I am not sure whether we are Killing our Priests as is the title of this AGM but I am sure that we are imprisoning them in a prison of invisibility, silence and to a great extent impotence."
"most of all I urge you to take care of yourself in this time of uncertainty and challenge."

17Nov A Lost Tribe: priests at risk: Address of Brendan Hoban to the AGM

A Lost Tribe: priests at risk:
Address of Brendan Hoban to the AGM

15Nov Updated! Some go low, some go high, reactions to the election of the 45th President of the USA

Updated with comments by Sean McDonagh on the potential devastating consequences President elect Trump's policies on the environment will have if implemented.

Last Tuesday, 08 November 2016, citizens of the U.S.A. elected their new President.
The resulting democratic election of Donald Trump led to joyous celebration among his followers and despair, despondency, and even a sense of fear among those who opposed his views and values.

Brendan Hoban, in his Western People column and Tony Flannery, on his own blog site, have shared some thoughts on the election of Donald Trump and possible implications for us in Ireland.

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