19Dec Blessings

Tony Conry is a missionary priest working in Brazil. Tony suggests that we can and should be creative in making up our own homespun blessings because 'the English language robbed us of our Celtic heritage and gave us all a sterile cold communications system bereft of all emotional warmth and spiritual nourishment.'

18Dec Lima’s call for Climate Action

Sean McDonagh gives his reaction to the report from COP20 in Lima.
The Lima document broke with all previous COPs where the burden of reducing greenhouse gases was placed squarely on the shoulders of rich countries which historically have been emitting carbon dioxide since the beginning of the industrial revolution. In Lima poor countries felt that rich countries were attempting to move the burden of reducing carbon dioxide emissions on to their shoulders.

16Dec Everybody needs to be supervised

Reflecting on some of the issues that received intense media coverage in recent times Brendan Hoban in his Western People column concludes that "Sometimes institutions, reluctant to reform, need the shock of public humiliation to get their act together, especially when the vulnerable innocent are at risk."
The plain truth of the matter is, Brendan states, that "In any institution or system, things go wrong, when those in positions of power are not properly supervised."

09Dec Vatican asks for wide input on 2015 synod, not based on doctrine

Joshua J. McElwee, NCR's Vatican correspondent, reports on the latest request from the Vatican in preparation for Synod 2015.
Will our bishops' conference be better organised, and willing, this time in getting the views of 'all levels' of church in Ireland?

05Dec Chosen men

Brendan Hoban writing in the Western People says that a recent choice of bishop in the U.S might indicate that pope Francis "wants bishops with a bit more imagination and to be a bit more clued in to what’s happening in the world. Those who are good at making out the writing on the wall."
Brendan then let's his imagination roam ....

03Dec German bishops celebrate 50th anniversary of ‘revolutionary’ and ‘irreversible’ Decree on Ecumenism

Paddy Ferry forwarded this article from NCR saying it is "so important and I wish our bishops in Britain and Ireland would issue a similar acknowledgement."

28Nov Brazilian Bishops Establish Commission on Married Priesthood

Anthony Ruff OSB has posted an interesting article on www.praytellblog.com of the Brazilian bishops beginning to respond to Pope Francis' challenge about the shortage of priests.
Any takers this side of the Atlantic?

27Nov ‘Secularisation’ – too easy a scapegoat for the sidelining of religion in Ireland

Brendan Hoban in his weekly Western People column states that ‘Secularisation is one of those short-hand boxes that church people tick to spread the blame for the decline of religion, even to explain away situations that are often their own fault. But it’s too heavy a brush to paint in the shades and counter shades of an accurate portrait of the place of religion in Irish life today.'

17Nov A place made Holy

Brendan Hoban in his weekly Western People column sees the refurbishment of the parish church of Moygownagh, Co. Mayo, as an act of faith in the future and a fitting tribute to the past. For the local parish community community it is a sacred place that enshrines the most precious moments of our lives.

11Nov Fact or Fiction : Real or Imaginary.

Seamus Ahearne wonders if he serves a "fictional parish or is this how it now is? I must say I enjoy it how it is. New Missals and such language is totally irrelevant. A new language is absolutely essential. Liturgy (if it is real) connects with the experiences of the local community. It is their pictures that matter with the God of surprises."