25Jun ACP Regional Meeting: Wellbeing of priests: Cashel & Emly, Killaloe and Limerick

A report on the ACP Regional Meeting concerning the Wellbeing of priests for Cashel & Emly, Killaloe and Limerick dioceses.

25Jun Presider’s Page for 25 June (Ordinary Time 12)

Opening Comment
Now that Easter and all the feasts that follow it have been celebrated, the journey through the ‘Sundays of the year’ starts again. From now until next Advent, we will listen to St Matthew’s Gospel each Sunday, and …

26May Married priests: call for courageous conversation

Sarah Mac Donald writes in the NCR about recent comments by Bishop Crispian Hollis, the retired bishop of Portsmouth, concerning the ordination of married men to the priesthood which he says "needs to be explored openly within the church in England and Wales at national and diocesan levels."
With fewer than 40 students in the national seminary at Maynooth it is an issue that is crying out to be explored in Ireland as well.
Liamy McNally is quoted as saying "There is no priest shortage!" ..... "We have many priests, but they are married and so are not allowed to have a public ministry," ..... "in the early church those with a vocation to priesthood were married, whereas today, those who feel called to priesthood must also have a vocation to celibacy."

24May Manchester, Monday, 22 May 2017, 10.30 p.m.

Chris McDonnell reacts to the tragic events in Manchester

23May Don’t appeal to ‘blasphemy’ as a defence

Brendan Hoban writes in the Western People that we should not rely on an appeal to the Constitutional offence of blasphemy to quell the 'populist rantings of those who have no sense of God (and no feel for the religious quest)'.

07May Catholic Ethos and other Mysteries

Gabriel Daly OSA writes about the current controversy concerning the proposed new National Maternity Hospital.
Gabriel says that for the Church it has been "a testing and uncomfortable time and an opportunity to behave as adult Christians aware that the Second Vatican Council has altered the parameters under which previous disputes of this kind had been fought. Here was an opportunity to step away from triumphalist pronouncements and instead to learn humbly how to listen to others before pronouncing the church’s position on reproductive matters. Modern medicine is highly specialised and difficult to understand by those still moralising under the old essentialist moral categories which were thought to be unchanging and were treated as such. Today we may find that there is a legitimate diversity of views, and thus no univocal doctrinal pronouncement is possible."

25Apr It’s still Easter

Bernard Cotter writing recently in The Tablet noted how "It is a strange feature of those who control the consumer calendar, that every feast is celebrated to the full beforehand rather than on the day itself or indeed on any day in its immediate aftermath. Christmas and Easter share a common fate in this regard."
"How does one respond to the challenge of sustaining Easter joy over its full season? Communication is the Church’s primary tool. Perhaps instead of making so much of the 40 days of Lent on their own, the 90 days of Lent/Easter should in their entirety comprise the annual springtime renewal for Christians, with 40 days of fasting, prayer and almsgiving followed by 50 days of feasting, prayer and celebration (a time to honour those in parish ministries with social time together, perhaps)."

20Apr Have fun with faith!

Seamus Ahearne writes of how current events - among them "Kim Jong-un and Trump. Two bully boys let loose in our fragile world with bombs and nuclear possibilities" - lead him into recalling images from a distant past. Sadly, "We were full of negativity. The Church was full of misery."
Seamus says we need to "Have fun with faith. Make a splash."

13Apr A View from the Pew

Rita Fernandez is a member of the Parish Pastoral Council and is also one of the Parish Team in Rivermount Parish, Finglas.
Rita shares some thoughts on her experience of the reality of parish life.

27Mar A no-brainer

Brendan Hoban, writing in the Western People, suggests it's time church authorities caught up with the outlook of the vast majority of the membership of the church with regard to the issue of married priests. Brendan says that 'inevitably, the penny eventually drops'.
Brendan points to the outgoing Papal nuncio, Archbishop Charles Brown stating "after his last public Mass in Ireland, that he was alarmed at the age-profile of Irish priests, the few entering seminaries and his fear that the Irish Church was on a cliff edge, ready to go into ‘free fall’. Strangely, while in office as papal nuncio, Archbishop Brown didn’t strike such a pessimistic note; indeed to the frustration of many he kept talking about ‘green shoots of recovery’ in the Irish Church."

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