12Nov 12 November 2017. 32nd Sunday in Ord Time

Saint Josaphat

Christian Optimism: Everyone suffers sometime from bereavement, and some losses are especially hard to bear. But if we hope in the resurrection we need not grieve like others who have no hope. The quiet optimism shining through the

05Nov 05 November 2017. 31st Sunday in OT

Saint Martin de Porres

The Bible calls us to examine the fibre of our lives, to shake off hypocrisy and see the truth about ourselves, in God’s sight. Bishops and others in leadership have special need to be self-critical, for

29Oct 29 October. 30th Sunday in OT

Saint Colman, bishop

To love our neighbour as God does, prejudices based on race, religion or colour have to go. The Torah prompts a sense of fairness towards others, deeper than specific commandments. Jesus demonstrates a life of utterly unselfish …

22Oct 22 October. 29th Sunday in OT

Saint John Paul II, Pope

Today’s Christians live in a pluralist world that raises huge challenges. Only the grace of God and the depth of our convictions can help our faith to survive and to thrive in a secular society. …

15Oct 15 October. 28th Sunday in OT

St Teresa of Avila, virgin and doctor of the Church

By baptism we are called to salvation, to take our place in the kingdom of God. Somehow, we must wear a wedding garment, so as to take our assigned seat …

08Oct 08 October. 27th Sunday in OT

The church is like a Vineyard, planted to produce fruit. We can grow to our full potential in the sunshine of God’s grace. But the vineyard can fall into disuse, or fail to produce  fruits of loving mercy. We pray

01Oct 01 October. 26th Sunday in OT

(Saint Therese of Lisieux, virgin and doctor of the church)

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Also  Sunday Readings in Irish.

We are warned that people who seem like outsiders may be closer to God than others who …

24Sep 24 Sept. 25th Sunday in OT

“Seek the Lord while he may be found.” But on the other hand, God’s mercy is beyond measure, so that even those who come late to his vineyard will be welcomed by his infinite love. We all can identify with

17Sep 17 Sept. 24th Sunday in OT

17 Sept. 24th Sunday in OT

10Sep 10 Sept. 23rd Sunday in OT

Saint Peter Claver, priest

1st Reading: Ezekiel 33:7-9

As a preacher, Ezekiel has the responsibility to warn sinners to repent

The word of the Lord was addressed to me as follows,

“You, mortal, I have made a sentinel for the …

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