01Feb Rome Revisits ‘Liturgiam Authenticam’

Rita Ferrone reports in commmonwealmagazine.org that Pope Francis has inaugurated a review and re-evaluation of the 2001 document Liturgiam authenticam.

06Dec “Sacred Language” or Trojan Horse?

Fr. P. John Mannion critically evaluates the 'new missal'.
" The fact of the matter is that the Roman Congregation responsible for the current translation, completely ignored the directives of Vatican Two, and gave us instead the Mass we were using since Pope Paul VI laced with Tridentine insertions plus prayers rehashed in a supposedly “sacred language” and translated from the Latin according to Rome’s directive “in a most exact manner” thus giving us a translation that is ungrammatical and laced with pious, phoney verbiage."

18Nov A Clear Voice?

Fr. Anthony Ruff OSB reports on the meeting of the U.S. bishops at Baltimore.
He raises the possibility of some movement on the ongoing problems with the current "translation" of the Roman Missal with the election of a new chair to the U.S. bishops liturgy committee.
"it is noteworthy that the bishop who spoke most negatively about the new translation, Archbishop Wilton Gregory, was a candidate to be chair of the USCCB liturgy committee. He was elected. His term will begin in 2016."
" Archbishop Wilton Gregory, also a former USCCB liturgy committee chair, rose to echo Trautman’s concerns. Before printing up more books with the current translation, we ought to look at the problems with the translation. There should be a review of the problems with the new Missal."

Isn't it time the Irish bishops addressed the problem realistically and had a real discussion about it?

10Mar The ‘New’ Missal – the problem hasn’t gone away, yet.

Mattie Long reflects on the open letter Gerald O’Collins S.J. wrote to English speaking bishops concerning the continued use of the “new” missal. Added to this letter are the comments of Pope Francis on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the celebration of the first vernacular Mass celebrated by Pope Paul VI in 1965.
Mattie draws on James Dallen's 'What Kind of Ecclesiology?' to question the purpose of the 'new' missal.

29Jan Can this low moment in church life become an opportunity?

Seamus Ahearne draws inspiration from the Jews at Terezin and asks if we can emerge from 'all that freezes and destroys the Joy of the Gospel in our lives'.

18Jan Post-Christmas reflections from the coalface

Seamus Ahearne reflects on his parish experience of the Christmas and Epiphany liturgies and muses on the liturgical texts he had to use, the Francis effect, the ACP's role and how the language and ritual of the Church affect people — or don't.

16Jan Prayers from 1998 Missal to be made available by ACP

The ACP Leadership Team announces that the opening prayers from the 1998 Missal are to be made available on the Presider's Page published for each Sunday Mass.

01Jan Review of Missal translation may be on the way

Pádraig McCarthy presents comments from Fr Paddy Jones, the retiring Director of the National centre for Liturgy at Maynooth, on the English translation of the Roman Missal and finds hopeful hints of a review.

21Oct An Australian pastor reflects on the New Missal

Kevin Burke reflects on the new liturgical texts, nearly two years on

25Jul Mass texts used at Rio show the vigour of the Church in the Global South

Padraig McCarthy presents a few alternative Mass texts used by Pope Francis at Rio.

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