31Jul Presider’s Page for 31 July (Ordinary Time 18)

God’s Word calls us to recognise the transience of life, to keep our eyes on what is lasting: we gather in that spirit today.

24Jul Presider’s Page for 24 July (Ordinary Time 17)

We can ask God for help whenever we need to, today or any day. We gather this Sunday to worship God who is always concerned for us.

17Jul Presider’s Page for 17 July (Ordinary Time 16)

As we gather for Mass today, we are challenged to be hospitable, welcoming people. We worship the God who always has a welcome for us.

10Jul Presider’s Page for 10 July (Ordinary Time 15)

The beautiful story of the Good Samaritan is told again at today’s Mass, with its challenge to us to look after others, as the Good Samaritan did. We gather to worship God who showed us what love means.

03Jul Presider’s Page for 3 July (Ordinary Time 14)

We gather for Mass to praise God’s faithfulness, and to ask for grace in the work we’re called to do.

26Jun Presider’s Page for 26 June (Ordinary Time 13)

At today’s gathering, we’re challenged us to look carefully at our commitment to our faith. We worship God who gives us the grace we need.

19Jun Presider’s Page for 19 June (Ordinary Time 12)

As Christians called to follow Christ in good times as well as bad, we gather to praise our God who sustains us on that journey. (Today is celebrated as Father's Day, so in the Mass we remember and pray for our fathers.)

12Jun Presider’s Page for 12 June (Ordinary Time 11)

God’s forgiveness sweeps away all that holds us back. God, who forgave King David and who through the ages took away the sins of everyone who asked, invites us to expererience that same healing power today.

05Jun Presider’s Page for 5 June (Ordinary Time 10)

God’s power is absolute: God is not defeated by death. Jesus shows divine power in today’s Gospel, raising the widow’s son from the dead. We celebrate his compassion and pray for the grace to imitate it.

29May Presider’s Page for 29 May (Corpus Christi)

Since the beginning of time, God has always nourished his people. Today we celebrate our creator’s kindness in giving us the Body and Blood of Christ to our food.