30Apr Presider’s Page for 30 April (Third Sunday of Easter)

During the Easter season the Church continues to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. Today, we join together to worship God, who has brought about this great victory over sin and death.

23Apr Presider’s Page for 23 April (Second Sunday of Easter)

Even though Easter Week is now behind us, this Sunday’s liturgy still overflows with the joy of Jesus’ resurrection. Christians continue to celebrate that great event for the next six weeks, until Pentecost Sunday on 4 June, the fiftieth and final day of Easter.

16Apr Presider’s Page for 16 April (Easter Sunday)

This Easter morning we celebrate the central mystery of our faith, the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. He suffered on the cross and died for us, but now he is risen!

15Apr Presider’s page for 15 April (Easter Vigil)

We gather around the Easter candle on this cold Easter night, celebrating the Lord’s resurrection. With that light to illumine our way and to warm our hearts, we listen to God's word at the Easter Vigil and prepare to renew our baptism an make a new start in the Easter springtime.

13Apr Presider’s Page for 13 April (Holy Thursday)

The liturgy that begins with the Mass of the Lord's Supper on Holy Thursday continues until we reach Easter. We are at the start of a three-day celebration of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. We journey from the Last Supper to Gethsemane tonight, from there to Calvary tomorrow, and from the tomb to resurrection and new life at the Vigil of Easter Sunday.

09Apr Presider’s Page for 9 April (Palm Sunday)

Opening Comment (for Mass without Procession or Solemn Entrance)
Today’s liturgy gives us a preview of the events we will celebrate in the Easter Triduum later this week. The passion, death and resurrection of Jesus are the focus of this …

02Apr Presider’s Page for 2 April (Fifth Sunday of Lent)

Opening Comment
In just over ten days time, the Easter Triduum will begin, on Holy Thursday evening. The time when baptism is celebrated is now very close. We ask God’s help for all the adults and children preparing for baptism this Easter, and pray that we may be fit and ready to renew our baptismal vows at the same feast.

26Mar Presider’s Page for 26 March (Fourth Sunday of Lent)

Traditionally, this Sunday is called Laetare Sunday, which means ‘a day for joy’. Lent is half over, and the celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus is nearer. At this midpoint of Lent, it is traditional to honour mothers, treasuring those still with us and praying for those we have lost to death.

17Mar Presider’s Page for 17 March (Lá Fhéile Pádraig – Gaeilge & Béarla)

In the heart of Lent, we keep the feast of Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. We mark the day by praising God the creator, who sustained Patrick, and who sustains the Church, in good times and bad.

16Mar Presider’s Page for 19 March (Third Sunday of Lent)

The readings in this Sunday's celebration about water and thirst remind us that this is a baptismal season. During Lent, many people all over the world look forward to their baptism, while those already baptised prepare to renew their promises.

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