26Jul Presider’s Page 26 July (Ordinary Time 17)

United with Christians all over the world, we acknowledge one Lord, one faith, one baptism, and one God as our Father. We worship as one family, and pray for greater charity and love among all the baptised.

19Jul Presider’s Page 19 July (Ordinary Time 16)

Our God is like a shepherd who always looks after the flock: the Lord cares for us in all our needs.

12Jul Presider’s Page 12 July (Ordinary Time 15)

God has blessed us in very many ways: God has showered grace upon us. During today’s gathering, we give thanks to the Lord for all we have received.

05Jul Presider’s Page 5 July (Ordinary Time 14)

As weak and sinful people, we gather to ask the Lord’s mercy. We know his grace is sufficient for us. Together, we praise and thank our God for the constant care we receive.

28Jun Presider’s Page 28 June (Ordinary Time 13)

As summer takes hold, we give thanks to God for all the gifts we enjoy. We rejoice in God’s saving power: death itself is in his hand and all the living depend on God alone.

21Jun Presider’s Page for 21 June (Ordinary Time 12)

The sight of people being rescued from ricketty boats in the Mediterranean brings home the plight of immigrants and refugees; seeing rescuers coming to their aid inspires us. God is master of the deep; Jesus stilled the storm. May all in need of help be saved through his power today. (On Father’s Day we pray especially for fathers.)

14Jun Presider’s Page for 14 June (Ordinary Time 11)

This is the first Sunday on which green vestments have been worn at Mass since last February. Green is the colour of growth: the Kingdom of God grows slowly in our world and in our hearts...

07Jun Presider’s Page for 7 June (Corpus Christi)

Today we honour the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, the food which sustains us on our journey through life

30May Trinity Sunday – Bidding prayers

Today is Trinity Sunday. We worship God who creates, redeems and sanctifies: three persons, one God.

24May Presider’s Page for 24 May (Pentecost)

Today is Pentecost Sunday, the second climax of the Easter season. We celebrate ‘the great beginning of the Church’, the day the Holy Spirit first came to confused and frightened disciples.