04Oct Presider’s Page for 4 October (Ordinary Time 27)

October is Mission Month. In two weeks time we will honour the work of missionaries on Mission Sunday; throughout the month, we pray that all may have 'abundant life', the theme of this year's Mission Sunday.
• Today is Day for Life in Ireland, with the theme “Cherishing Life, Accepting Death" •

27Sep Presider’s Page for 27 September (Ordinary Time 26)

All are welcome in this place: anyone who is not against us is for us. All may gather here to worship God our Saviour.

20Sep Presider’s Page for 20 September (Ordinary Time 25)

We gather to remember the passion and death of Jesus, and to celebrate his resurrection with joy. He calls us to move beyond rivalry and conflict, to be true followers of the Christian way.

13Sep Presider’s Page for 13 September (Ordinary Time 24)

In our journey through life we walk the path Jesus walked, so it is hard for us to escape suffering, no more than he could. We remember his suffering and death, knowing that it brought him glory and that it will do the same for us.

06Sep Presider’s Page for 6 September (Ordinary Time 23)

God’s healing power was seen in the ministry of Jesus, and continues in the sacraments, in advances in medicine and in the work of the caring professions. Today we pray for strength, trusting that God will continue to show compassion to the whole world

30Aug Presiders’ Page 30 August (Ordinary Time 22)

As we move from summer to autumn, we praise God who sustains us all year round. We ask for help with new undertakings and perseverance with continuing projects, knowing that nothing will work well without God’s grace.

23Aug Presiders’ Page 23 August (Ordinary Time 21)

We gather as people who have chosen to serve the Lord, chosen to walk the Christian way. We worship God who leads us on — and ask for strength to continue as we have begun.

16Aug Presiders Page 16 August (Ordinary Time 20)

Whoever eats the flesh of the Lord and drinks his blood will live for ever. We celebrate Jesus’ promise, believing we will share the eternal destiny of all who have this divine life in them.

15Aug Presiders Page 15 August (Assumption of the BVM)

We worship God who brought Mary to the glory of heaven this day. We celebrate her Assumption, the tangible reminder that the resurrection of Jesus brings victory over death for all who believe.

09Aug Presiders Page 9 August (Ordinary Time 19)

This Sunday, Christians gather together as friends, called by the Lord to forgive each other as quickly as God forgives us.