19Oct Mission Impossible – or is it?

Seamus Ahearne gives his thoughts on "mission" informed by his own life experiences.
"I’m a believer:
My Mission here may distract me, out to the byways and highways where the Church is forgotten and where the gibberish of sacred language is irrelevant. But I cannot go out there, unless I am enjoying the living God, where I am. I need to be taking off my shoes, seeing the burning bush, hearing the gentle breeze and finding the teasing- God of the caster-oil plant (Jonah.) I need to be telling people and showing people that God and Church, isn’t like the scarcely remembered version, which is a caricature of the Christ-picture from the Gospels. But I shouldn’t tell anyone, anything, if I am not alive myself. Possibly, the only Mission I have now, is to create some kind of oasis, where the refreshment of God, makes a little sense in the desert of our modern world. I have to do this with total humility and must exude some personal serenity, believing that nothing can ever happen, that is beyond the goodness and love of God. Mission now might just mean: Believing and living as if I/we believe."

19Oct Annual General Meeting of the ACP

The Annual General Meeting of the ACP will take place at the Bucaneers Rugby Clubhouse in Athlone on Tuesday, November 7th at 2.00pm.  (Detailed directions later).

There will be a report on a busy year of activities, including a series …

12Oct The Lobinger Model of Teampriests

Bishop Lobinger (South America) has written creatively about the future of ministry in the Catholic Church, in view of the impending, or real, shortage of priests in many parts of the world. His ideas are being discussed widely in some …

12Oct Not just George Pell is on Trial: Michael Kelly S.J.

With acknowledgement to La Croix, this article is a disturbing account of the impact of clerical sex abuse on the Australian Church. It is crystallised in the trial of George Pell, which Kelly thinks will go on for a considerable …

08Oct Conference: Irish Catholicism on Trial. Oct 6 & 7

Phil Greene, an occasional commentator on this site, attended the conference, and has sent us these notes to give some idea of what went on. Like Phil, I too found it a most enjoyable and stimulating two days. (Tony F.)…

08Oct Don’t let life get you down

Seamus Ahearne reflects on life and death, and threats of death, amid all the other day to day happenings in a busy life.
"The brush strokes of nature are also hints and whispers of life. They scatter the colours carelessly. They ask us to notice them and not to forget them. But maybe like nature and autumn, we need to throw around the unruly and incomplete brush strokes in our ministry. The unfinished days; the little celebrations; the Godliness of daily life; the laugher among us; the colours that we cannot take for granted. Possibly nature is talking to us. We too can be so serious (so immersed in the quicksand of problems). What are we doing to God’s world? Is that love song wasted on us?"

07Oct Brendan Hoban reviews Willie King’s new novel.

What happened to God’s policemen

When we sense that there’s something strange going on under the surface and we’re not quite sure what it is, we often turn to writers and artists, to give an insight beyond the limits of …

02Oct A Dialogue of Hope, Critical Thinking for Critical Times

Gerry O'Hanlon alerts us to a new publication that intends to spark a real and "constructive engagement and dialogue between secularists and religious believers, in order to imagine an alternative narrative" to one where "conventional economic models have failed, politics is fractured, what it means to be human is contested, and there is a Punch and Judy show of opposition between secularists and believers."

02Oct Statement by Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan on HPV vaccines

Statement issued by Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan on HPV vaccines, 02 October 2017

02Oct Statement from The Association of Catholic Priests (Acp)  Responding to Comments made on the HPV Vaccine

Statement from The Association of Catholic Priests (Acp) 
Responding to Comments made on the HPV Vaccine

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