18Sep Different forms of priestly ministry?

In light of the discussion due to take place at the AGM and as part of the ongoing debate in our church about vocation and ordained ministry we include these two contributions of how ministry is already being carried out in varied ways in church. Thanks to Brian Eyre and Mossy Hynan for these contributions.

15Sep The challenge of mission

Willy Slavin retired as a priest in Glasgow last year and says he has taken to a campervan to visit the 6000 miles or so of the Scottish Coast with an iPad.
He was 5 years in Bangladesh and spent 10 as chaplain to HMP Barlinnie afterwards.
He originally shared these thoughts about the future of the church in the light of the 'vocations crisis' in the magazine Open House.

13Sep Statement on the Synod, Association of Catholic Priests

Statement issued by the Association of Catholic Priests on the forthcoming Synod on the Family.

10Sep Married priests: A financial burden? Divided hearts?

Brian Eyre draws on his own experience to add his contribution to the General Assembly of the ACP on October the 1st on the discussion of the possible return of married priests to public ministry. Brian says that his own experiences show that married priests need not necessarily be a financial burden on a parish and secondly that their dedication and time will not be divided.

09Sep On the Edge

As a preparation for our discussions ‘The Vocations Crisis, will clustering work?’ at our AGM on 01 October, we commend to our members two articles from the September Furrow, On the Edge by Donagh O’Meara and The Last Priests in Ireland by Donald Cozzens, which map out the context for our discussion.
We encourage as many of our members as possible to attend the AGM in the Hodson Bay Hotel, Athlone, 01 October 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.

23Aug Pope Francis has transformed the Church – it’s time the Church stopped stifling groups who embrace that transformation 

In a recent Tablet article Chris McDonnell, secretary of the Movement for Married Clergy, argued that sincere discussion should be welcomed by both the hierarchy and the laity, for the good of the Church.

19Aug An Invitation to come to Rome 02 – 05 October 2014

An Invitation to come to Rome 02 - 05 October 2014 to ensure that families are recognized, included, and listened to by the Bishops attending the Synod in Rome.

07Jul Are our bishops disinterested in the Francis tide?

Brendan Hoban, in his weekly Western People column, asks is there any silence like the silence of the Irish bishops in response to Francis’ reforming agenda?
The difficult truth is that, while technically Pope Francis is all-powerful and can introduce any changes he wants the reality is, change will be blocked and is being blocked by those who see their power and influence placed at risk.

06Jul Statement from the Association of Catholic Priests (ACP) responding to the letter of reply from the Irish bishops to the ACP submissions at a meeting with representatives of the Irish bishops on 04 June, 2014.

The response of the Irish Bishops to our meeting of 04 June last (with Bishops Boyce, Drennan and McKeown) is disappointing and disheartening.

Leadership demands a much more open and creative engagement with the issues addressed in the June 4 meeting.

28May Statement of the Austrian Pastors’ Intitiative on the Excommunication of Martha and Gert Heizer

This decision is a fatal signal for all who are hoping, together with Pope Francis, for a kind Church that is close to the people.