Invitation to sign a resolution passed at ACP meeting in Athlone on 20th Feb 2013

Preamble: The Synod on Justice 1971

This Synod produced the document, the Practice of Justice, which emphasised that the Catholic Church act justly towards all its members, if it to have credibility in preaching on Justice.

The document stresses that everyone has a right to suitable freedom of expression and thought and affirms that in any form of judicial procedure the accused should have the right to know his accusers and also the right to a proper defence.


On Wednesday, February 20th 2013, about 250 priest members of the Association of Catholic Priests (ACP) met in Athlone to discuss the challenges faced by priests in Ireland today.

Towards the end of the meeting Seán McDonagh proposed the following motion:

In the light of the above teaching from the Synod of Bishop in 1971, we the undersigned ask the Irish Bishops’ Conference to meet, as soon as possible, with those Irish priests who have been censured by the Vatican in recent year. The purpose of the meeting would be to request the Bishops’ Conference to enter into discussions with the CDF to :

To (explore) how best to resolve the matters that have led to the censuring of the priests and;

To set up local mediation structures to address any such issues in the future.

We would like to see this happen as a matter of urgency.

The motion was carried unanimously.

The following have already signed the resolution.


1,237Angela KellyN/A
1,236Kenneth KeenanEire
1,235Barry MaguireColumban - Seoul, Korea
1,234Kay & Harry O'BrienRockvilleCentre NY
1,233Jude LynchSpiritan
1,232Adam HarrisGreystones Parish, Dublin Diocese
1,231John StokesPriest of Diocese of Westminster
1,230Mairin Keegan
1,229Kevin McGeeneyLay
1,228Liamy Mac NallyMarried priest Tuam Archdiocese
1,227Michael HanrahanLay Ferns
1,226Noreen HanrahanLay Ferns
1,225Ian ByrnesArundel and Brighton
1,224Frank GrahamLiverpool
1,223Anita MuldowneyDublin
1,222miriam mac elroymeath
1,221Declan FlowersNone
1,220Bernadette O BrienCloyne
1,219Thomas DuffyKillala
1,218Mary and Anthony MassiminiCamden, NJ, USA
1,217Barbara KelloggSanta Rosa, CA
1,216Tommy DillonKildare and Leighlin
1,215Seán Daly
1,214Stephen BraundPlymouth
1,213mark hanrahanhumanist
1,212Mark DaskCatholic
1,211Anne Odling-SmeeLay Down and Connor
1,210Brendan GrahamOssory
1,209Brendan GallagherClogher
1,208Mary PowerKillaloe Diocese
1,207Bernard KennedyDublin
1,206Rita CotterlyFort Worth, TX
1,205Patrick ClaffeySVD
1,204Blair MaireSisters of St. Louis
1,203Tony GillespieKillala
1,202Pat MunnellyKillala
1,201Gerry GillespieKillala
1,200James CorcoranKillala
1,199Gabriel RosbothamKillala
1,198Fr Gerry O'DonnellKillala Diocese
1,197Fr Michael HarrisonKillala Diocese
1,196Fr Michael ReillyKillala Diocese
1,195Fr Liam ReillyKillala Diocese
1,194Fr Paddy HobanKillala diocese
1,193Ann ConcannonSisters of St. Louis
1,192Enda HowleyTuam
1,191Cronan GlynnCarmelite
1,190veronica cahilllay
1,189Noreen MurphySisters of St Louis
1,188Moya LoughnaneGalway
1,187Meabh Ni UallachainSt Louis Sisters
1,186Joan RoddyKildare and Leighlin
1,185Ann MatthewsSisters of St Louis
1,184triona mcginty
1,183Marion ReynoldsSisters of St. Louis
1,182Judy LawlerBoston/ma
1,181Mairead KennedyKillaloe
1,180Paul BrowneEnglish Benedictine Congregation
1,179Anne KavanaghSisters of St. Louis
1,178Sister Maureen Paul Turlish SNDdeNSister of Notre Dame de Namur and an advocate for SOL reform
1,177Desmond kieran
1,176Eilish CoadyFerns
1,175Anne CoadyFerns
1,174Paddy CoadyFerns
1,173Jo ChambersSND de N (formerly Castlecomer)
1,172Gerry OShaughnessySalesian of Don Bosco
1,171John CollinsDublin diocese
1,170Frank BradleyKilkenny
1,169Kevin FarrellLay
1,168pascal O'Dea
1,167marion ryansister of mercy
1,166Denis SheahanPresentation Brother (F.P.M.)
1,165Barbara WhelanDublin
1,164Ursula ForanDublin
1,163Albert Mc GettrickRedemptorist
1,162Colette Mary HouriganPresentation Sister
1,161Marie BakerFerns
1,160Marie DuffyKillala
1,159Peter GallagherBirmingham
1,158Dorothy McMahonSt Louis
1,157Anthony ConryElphin
1,156Charles (Chas) GuthrieDivine Word Missionaries
1,154Michael O'ConnellN/A
1,153Peggy HayesDown and Connor
1,152Carmel SynnottLittle Sisters of the Assumption
1,151Brenda BoalDown and Conner
1,150Kay GarveyDublin
1,149David GilliganLayperson- Kildare Leighlin
1,148Sheila MacGrath
1,147John HealyAchonry
1,146Michael DuffyKillala
1,145Eoin DuffyKillala
1,144Mark Duffykillala
1,143Aideen KinlenSociety of the Sacred Heart
1,142Bernadette MurphyHoly Faith sisters
1,141Maeve WalshDown & Connor
1,140Raymonde Mary FullamKildare and Leighlin
1,139Pauline HealyAconry
1,138Ann MurrayDown and Connor
1,137Finbarr M Corr formerly Diocese of Paterson NJ
1,136Noel DonnellyLondon UK
1,135Bridie McCrohanKerry
1,134Micheal O'BraoinKillaloe
1,133Danny KeohaneCloyne
1,132Denise KeohaneCloyne
1,131Laurentia StanleyPerth Australia
1,130Martina Tuohyelphin
1,129Patrick RogersPassionist
1,128Tom GarveyClonfert
1,127Marie StewartBelfast
1,126Dr Rosemary Eileen McHughPhysician in Chicago, Parents from County Mayo
1,125Rose TwomeyCloyne
1,123Gerry HanlyElphin
1,122David KeatingWaterford&Lismore
1,121Triona DohertyElphin
1,120Paddy FerryRaphoe
1,119Michael CoyneDublin
1,118Joseph McCloskeyLayman, Kilkee, Co. Clare.
1,117Elma MonahanLouth lay person
1,116joyce grattan
1,115Sheila MulcahyKerry
1,114fergus glynn
1,113marguerite glynn
1,112liam glynn
1,111john glynn
1,110John DuffyKillala
1,109michael lomasneycloyne
1,108John McNultyRockville Centre, NY,USA
1,107Dick LyngOSA, Galway
1,106Grainne HerlihyCloyne
1,105Violet Ui DhulaingDublin
1,104Anne-Marie Duffy Parish of Kilmoremoy
1,103Pat McNallyDown and Connor
1,102Roger Llorens
1,101Fr. Gregory BarrasBiloxi, Mass.
1,100william glynn
1,099Breda O DwyerCloyne
1,098Tom O,Dwyer_yahoo.comCloyne
1,097Carmel O ConnorArchdiocese of Dublin Baldoyle
1,096Owen StanleyPerth Australia
1,095LauraMay WalshCork & Ross
1,094Bernice RussellCork
1,093Dr Pauline CushmanElphin
1,092Margaret Chamberlain
1,091Elaine DuffyTuam
1,090eamonn kenneallycork
1,089Ray HickeyCo. Kildare
1,088Rodney FergusonDungannon
1,087Clemente MatthieuFrom Bordeaux in Derry (Visiting)
1,086Camille MatthieuIreland (tourisme)
1,085Bradon ShawsworthDurham
1,084Myles Sudbury-LeithstoneLeigh on Sea, Essex UK
1,083Rose Mc IntyreMagherafelt
1,082Elizabeth GourleyCo Donegal
1,081Raymond MackayTyrone
1,080Frances MackayTyrone
1,079Pauline BlakestoneLondonderry
1,078Sarah ParkesDungiven
1,077Brendan BoyleLondon (West)
1,076Marie HigginsDerry City
1,075Susan KeithleyColeraine
1,074Gillian TotteringtonOriginal Leigh on Sea. Now Tyrone.
1,073Pat FlanaghanDerry City
1,072Bridie Mc CloskeySlievemore
1,071Georgina KellyDerry
1,070Eamon Mc CallionDerry
1,069Joseph Mc CallionDerry
1,068John Mc CallionDerry
1,067Kathleen Mc CallionDerry
1,066Martina LogueDerry
1,065James LogueDerry
1,064Paula LogueDerry
1,063Michelle Mc ChrystalDerry
1,062Joanna YoungEdinburgh
1,061Geraldine KellySteelstown
1,060Brian KellySteelstown
1,059Gemma KellyDerry
1,058James VallelyArmagh
1,057Eamon Mc ChrytalDerry
1,056Tanya KellyDerry / Eliginton
1,055Elin DohertyDerry
1,054Gracie DohertyDerry Waterside
1,053Seany DohertyDerry
1,052Ciara DohertyWaterside Derry
1,051Donna WilliamsDerry
1,050Paul WilliamsWaterside Derry
1,049Teresa WilliamsDerry
1,048Cecil WilliamsDerry
1,047Patrick Sullivan (Jnr)Essex
1,046Therese SullivanEssex
1,045Patrick SullivanEssex
1,044Sharon KellyDerry
1,043Jim KellyDoire
1,042Diatmuid KellyMaydown Derry
1,041Janet KellyDerry Maydown
1,040Sean KellyWaterside Derry
1,039Keith ChapmanWaterside Derry
1,038Carmel ChapmanWaterside Derry
1,037Pat KellyWaterside Derry
1,036Mark Kelly (Jnr)Derry
1,035Grace KellyDerry
1,034Gerard Kelly KellyDerry
1,033Paul KellyDerry
1,032Bernadette Mc ChrystalWaterside Derry
1,031Eimear O' NeillTyrone Derry
1,030Cormac O' NeillTyrone Derry
1,029Caolan O' NeillTyron - Derry
1,028Donal O' NelllTyrone - Derry
1,027Moira O' NeillDerry
1,026Charlie KellyDerry
1,025Gerard KellyWaterside Derry
1,024Margaret SullivanEssex
1,023Kevin KellyDerry
1,022M. J. TonerDown and Connor
1,021Cornelius LogueLayman, Archdiocese of Dublin
1,019Breeda RyanCloyne
1,018Jody RyanCloyne
1,017Rhoda ColbertDublin
1,016Catherine kellehercloyne
1,015john paul kellehercloyne
1,014Theresa TonnaKillaloe
1,013maureen mullenSalesian
1,012David HalpinDublin Diocese
1,011Kathleen FitzgeraldSister of Mercy Southern Province
1,010brigid kingtuam
1,009valerie warrendublin
1,008Damien GrahamDown and Connor
1,007Helen Power
1,006Marcella O'ConnellMercy SP
1,005Carmel LynamMeath Lay Person
1,004anna dyardublin
1,003marjorie mulveydublin
1,002Irene GreenDown & Connor
1,001Brendan BlakeLoughrea
1,000Frances BlakeLoughrea
999Angela WhyteSalzburg, Austria
998Mary O'CallaghanLimerick
997TP SullivanKillaloe
996Barry SullivanKillaloe
995Bridget SullivanKillaloe
994Anthony NevilleDublin
993Fr John ReillyKillala diocese
992Raymond FultonDown and Connor
991Sam AndrewsDublin Diocese
990Nancy TaylorDublin
989Anne PowerKillaloe
988Yvonne KeoghDublin
987Alice CorriganKillaloe
986Rory SavageDown/Connor
985Rita FrawleyMeath
984Noeleen DiverDown & Connor
983Frances McMylerMercy Sister
982Clare Hannigan
981Margaret HenryAchonry
980John MurphyCork&Ross
979Eileen ClearPresentation (pbvm)
978mary meaghercloyne
977Breda DonohoeOssory
976Mary O'ConnorSisters of St Louis
975Ann CaffreyKildare & Leighlin
974Mary Mulkeen
973Donal CorriganKillaloe
972Liz FoleyCloyne
971Stephen O'MahonyAchonry
970Pat ReillyNorbertine
969Tom CarrollLimerick
968Tim RowanKillaloe
967Anne O'Callaghan RowanKillaloe
966Éilís Ní Thiarnaighsisters of St Louis
965Marion McEnroyNewcastle, Athenry, diocese Tuam
964rita DuignanSisters of Mercy Northern Province
963gabriel sheilsclogher/lay
962Antoinette DoranDublin
961Albert Doyle
960Mary FinnLimerick
959Thomas O'ReillyKillaloe
958Fionnuala McManamon
957Joe Sheils
956cheryl murphy kilmoremoy
955Dympna HannanKillala
954Enda LyonsTuam Diocese
953Terry NolanAthenry
952Michael SilkeElphin
951Ann BreslinKillala
950Denis StokesKillaloe
949David KeaneGalway
948Myles OreillyJesuit
947Siobhan StokesKillaloe
946Betty FoleyDublin
945Eileen DelaneyTuam
944Michael QuealyKillaloe
943Maeve HarknessDublin
942Agnes Byrne
941June McAllisterTuam
940Ann LynchMercy Southern Province
939Marie RyanKillaloe
938Mary SilkeElphin
937Ana Bermingham-DoranCloyne
936vincent Mc DevittElphin
935Kathleen DohertyRaphoe
934Al & Mairead Hughesarmagh
933Mary Casey CaseyTuam
932Frances HolohanClonfert
931Art KirwinDominican-Texas
930PADDY JORDANHowth,Co.Dublin
929Charlie McCullaghDromore/Lay
928Anne KellyCloyne
927Father Manus FerryMSC
926Michael RyanClonfert/Hexham & Newcastle
925Joanne NortonHexham and Newcastle
924Josephine LenneyNew York
923Alice SextonDublin
922Veronica McShaneDominican
921Mary WoodClifton
920Margaret SweeneyRaphoe
919Mary RichardsonAchonry
918Consoline GuckianLeitrim
917Elizabeth BeecherMeath
916Barbara Murphy
915Maria HayesMercy Sisters
914Marie RedmondDominican
913Maria Bannon
912David Rose
911Noreen MurrayKildare & Leighlin
910John DeasyDublin Diocese
909Nollaig CahillClonfert
908Denis CahillClonfert
907Kathleen CahillClonfert
906Pat HoctorKillaloe
905Patsy HoctorKillaloe
904Celestine FarrisseyMercy
903Martin HoganGalway.
902Margaret O KeeffeMercy
901Sr. Andrena MulliganEngland
900Ellen DorisArmagh
899Randal Dohertylay
898Brid MullallySister of Mercy. South Central Province
897Criona ConsidineDublin/Dominican
896 Clare HarkinDublin/Dominican
895John GillenDublin
894Margaret MulliganAchonry
893Eileen MorrisseyClonfert
892Pauline ConnollyMeath
891Elizabeth Mc ArdleMeath
890joe mccormackwaterford and lismore
889Kay MurrayCork & Ross
888Kay McGintyArmagh
887paddy cooneyst. petersburg florida
886Luz Elena Giraldo Zuluaga Bogota
885Marie Delaney
884kay mcguirkkillaloe
883James CarrollLay, Newbridge
882Aodh O'HalpinColumbans
881Frank NallyColumbans
880Jackie RobinsonOssory
879Padraig DuffyKillaloe
878Virginia DuffyKillaloe
877Joan KealyDublin
876Eileen MurphyCloyne
875Peter |CallanArmagh
874Eileen DohertyLay
873Annemarie Treacylay person
872Maria Heneghan Tuam
871Helen MitchellDublin
870Raymond BannonLay
869Bernadette BannonLay
868Sean and Joan GallagherArmagh
867Jo RiderPlymouth UK
866Kitty MorleyTuam
865Jordan O'BrienDominicans
864Jean RiordanBirmingham ACTA
863Ciara DoorleyDublin
862Eileen CoyneClonard, Belfast
861Josephine ConlonArmagh
860Gertie ODonoghueCork
859Finbarr RyanKillaloe
858Teresa RyanKillaloe
857Beverley LavinKillaloe
856Patricia RumseyWestminster
855Jimmy DorisArmagh
854Natalie DohertyDublin
853Vincent MacNamaraKiltegan
852Seamus MurphyCork and Ross
851Padraic KingTuam
850Ruth SpeirsBulawayo
849Tony DoorleyKillaloe
848Adrian HainesKillaloe
847Katherine Haineskillaloe
846Louise KellyZurich
845Ciaran LeonardSandy mount, Dublin
844Mary QuillCloyne
843Vera QuillCloyne
842Frances QuillCloyne
841mary casey
840Liam SpillaneCork & Ross Lay
839Kay MulhallDublin
838Emer LeonardSandy mount, Dublin
837Louise RodgersEdinburgh and St Andrews
836Walter HurleyPresentation
835Brendan O'HareDromore
834Ray BerginKillaloe
833Noel McCannACI
832Nóirín Ní Riain PhDCashel and Emly
831Michelle DiganKillaloe
830Elizabeth O'BrienMeath
829Maureen FrawleyMeath
828Theresa FrawleyMeath
827Mairead RyanKillaloe
826John Joe DohertyKillala - RC
825David DohertyKillala - RC
824Theresa DohertyKillala-RMC
823frank mcguirkKillaloe
822Kevin KealyDublin
821Sarah GleesonKillaloe
820Anne HarnettCross and Passion sisters
819Shane Smythkilaloe
818Breda Kiely
817Patrick DooherSSC
816Anne ConsidineKillaloe
815Paul McGannAustralian layman
814Peter O' GradyKildare & Leighlin
813gerard langfordwaterford
812Michael Hoban HobanLay
811Brian BerginZurich
810Seamus O'GormanKillala (Lay person)
809Breda BerginKillaloe
808Aoife KavanaghDublin
807David BerginKillaloe
806Carol BerginKillaloe
805Michael WalshTuam
804Peter WatsonOblate OSB
803Patrick HodgkinsArundel uk
802James FitzsimonsDublin
801Mark O'HaganArmagh
800Tommy McNultyArmagh
799Michael CusackCSsR
798Paul ByrneArmagh
797Garrett CampbellArmagh
796Lawrence BoyleArmagh - Derry
795Gerard CampbellArmagh
794Patrick HughesArmagh
793Peter McAnenlyArmagh
792Jim HayesCork
791patrick cahilllay person
790Colum CurryArmagh
789Patrick RusheArmagh - DKIT
788Kevin DonaghyArmagh
787Padraig KeenanArmagh
786Sean McCartanArmagh
785Gina YatesKillaloe
784Barbara HanamyKillaloe
783Claire CarmichaelDown & Connor
782Colette Mulrooneylay person
781Dermod McCarthyDublin
780Chris Mc GuinnessSt Patrick's Missionary Society
779Seamus Devitt, C.Ss.R.Redemptorists
778Amanda DillonDublin
777Teresa Cunningham OPDominican
776norah clifford kellylay person
775Michael O' SullivanCloyne
774Annette Ryan GathKillaloe (Mother Wife Sister Daughter!)
773Kathrena RyanKillaloe
772Declan MarmionMarist
771Kieran HoctorKillaloe
770Ruth ScullyKillaloe
769pauline QuinKillaloe
768Mary King
767Brendan King
766Martina CookeKillaloe
765Carmel MorrisLittle Sisters of the Assumption
764Ethna GrantLittle sisters of the Assumption
763Maria Flynn
762fr.michael reddan svdkillaloe and svd
761Rose Rose KeaneCloyne
760Denis Corr
759Sean McDonaghColumban
758ursula oneilldown & connor
757Blanaid GallagherDominican
756Billy FultonKiltegan Fathers
755Annette WalshTuam
754Evelyn HobanSt. Louis
753John KellyDublin
752Sr.Maura Nagle
751Joe O BrienTuam
750Donal OKeeffeMissionary Society of St Columban
749Thomas O'LoughlinArundel and Brighton
748Catherine ClarkeLay person Southampton UK
747Tony QuinKillaloe
746Barbara FarrellDublin
745David CarrollKillaloe
744Pat AhernKerry
743David DeighanLay person - Killaloe Diocese
742Carol LuckhiramDumfries and Galloway (lay)
741Maria SheerinIBVM
740Joe McDonnellColumban
739Daria Fultonlay person
738Joe KearnsLay person
737Joe ClarkeDublin Diocese
736Gabrielle CooneyCross and Passion
735evelyn mc donnellTuam Mercy
734Margaret LeahyPoor Servants of Mother of God
733Ann MooreDublin
732patrick kernandown and connor
731Sheila McHughTuam
730Pauline StauntonGalway (Lay)
729Joe Rev. CaulfieldAchonry
728Patrick DalyDublin
727Anne JordanSt. Louis
726Carmel McEnroyRSM, Catholic Theologian
725Kathleen ConnollyElphin
724Joan O'Reillypbvm
723Rosemary DoorlyDublin lay person
722Marie MorrisseyClonfert - Lay
721josie delahoyde
720elizabeth bradleyursuline
719Sean MundowDublin
718Denis O'MahonyKerry
717Barbara DuffSavannah, GA
716Noreen ChristianDominican
715Sherry SolmanCabra Dominican
714Mary Kay KusnerRCWP
713Des GilroyHowth, Dublin
712Roddy O'KaneDown and Connor
711Sean Macken
710anne donohuepbvm
709Bernard ThorneServites
708Kathleen McKeownDominican
707Catherine Moloughney
706Michael McMahonClogher (lay)
705Clare McMahonClogher (lay)
704Eithne CareyGalway
703John MarrenS.P.S
702Denis Bradley
701Anne HealyKillaloe
700Tommy GilloolySPS
699Seamus DagensRaphoe Diocese
698Mike HeagneyRedemptorists
697James O'DonnellDromore
696Arthur Mc AnerneyArmagh
695peter devlinelphin
694Noelle CostelloSalesian
693Una DempseyDominican
692Helen ThorntonMeath
691Maire KealyDublin/Cabra Dominicans
690Roma Fulton
689Al BayoAustralia
688Patsy KellyMission aries of the Sacred Heart
687Bartie O' DohertySt.Patricks Missionary Society
686P BarryS. Africa
685vincent kellydublin
684Jean LoriganKillaloe
683Patricia HaleDown & Connor
682Owen O'SullivanCapuchin
681Tony ButlerSMA.
680John FairbairnDown & Connor
679Catherine Zatsick, RCWPSt Petersburg, FL USA
678chris & naomi diamondCorpus Canada BC
677Peter O'ReillyDublin
676Jim O'ConnellSociety of Mary. Marist
675Eileen PalmerLay person,Cloyne
674Gerard Mc DonnellCivilian!
673Mary O'ConnellRSM
672John KellyDublin Laity
671Eileen O'ConnorDublin Diocese - Lay
670Caitriona GormanDominican Sister
669Eamon ReganArmagh
668Michelle McKeonDublin (lay)
667Michael J. HobanAmerican priest
666Gari McKeowndublin
665Brid BigganeCloyne
664MaryEllen RobertsonRoman Catholic Womenpriest
663Margaret CorkerySisters of Mercy
662Veronica Mc CabeDominican
661Eleanor DorganSociety of the Sacred Heart
660Margaret McDonaldDublin
659hilary lyons
658Diarmuid O Dalaigh
657Ralph EganPassionist
656Mary O' DwyerLoreto
655Eamon KellySMA
654Tom BradyGalway
653Kieran BlakeKillaloe
652Michael BrennanGalway
651Michael O'HoroKillala
650John CollinsDublin
649Derek MeskellRedemptorist
648Michael O'ConnorWaterford
647David CreanDrogheda
646Donal O'DohertyDublin
645Barney O'DohertyKiltegan
644Seamus NohillySMA
643John DunphyKildare & Leighlin
642Phyllis BradyDublin
641Tommy ByrneRedemptorist
640Tony NevilleTuam
639Sr. helena DalySrs. of mercy
638Mike BrannockOSA
637Padraig McGowanArdagh & Clonmacnoise
636Tom PlowerMSC
635Paddy MooneyTuam
634Joseph O'BrienTuam
633Sean O'DowdKiltegan
632Brendan McGuinnessTuam
631Maria PrendivilleDublin
629Noel MeadeDominican - Order of Preachers
628Darina HoseyDominican
627Mary McManusDublin
626Breda AhearnSisters of the Cross and Passion Glendalough
625Carmel O'FlynnBirmingham
624Reena McDermott
623Kay AkersLos Angeles
622Nuala Fox
621D.J. O'MearaCork & Ross
620Rosemary GallagherLoreto sisters
619Martin HanrahanLay - Ossory
618Marcus Mac DonaldLayman - Dublin
617Mairead Mac DonaldLaywoman - Dublin
616ann carthydublin
615Jennifer SleemanCork and Ross
614Ann Frances byrnedublin
613Deirdre MellettLoreto Sister IBVM
612Sharon Tighe-MooneyMeath
611Robert McKennaArmagh
610Elizabeth Barry
609Michael Barry
608Ruth BarrorDublin
607Aideen KearnsLay
606Aidan DevonGlenageary
605Stan MellettRedemptorist
604Angela Hanleyn/a
603Mary DoddyAchonry
602Margaret HassettCirk & Ross
601Des WalshMaynooth
600Margaret ReillyLimerick
599Keith KoberinskiPrince Albert
598Eamon O' HaraKillaloe
597Maire McDonaghKillaloe
596Eleanor DuffDown and Connor
595philomena gallaghermeath/loreto
594John KernanLimerick
593Nuala KernanLimerick
592Peter Clucas, OMIOblate
591Tommy CoyleDublin
590Theresa GleesonKillaloe
589Jim HannonCloyne
588Bill TonerJesuits
587Sean DeeganSPS
586ted lawtoncloyne
585Chris McDonnellBirmingham UK
584Gerard MoloneyRedemptorist
583anna mcauliffedublin
582Jeanette KielyDominican sister
581Ann KlonowskiRCWP
580Gerard Gleeson.Killaloe.
579Breda EustacePassionist
578Agnes HuntSacred Heart of Mary Congregation
577Catherine DunneDublin
576Renee BreslinPresentation Sisters
575Kathleen FitzsimonsKildare and Loughlin
574Ben FloodElphin
573Nuala McDermottDublin Lay Woman
572Reena McDermottDublin
571Mairead FitzpatrickHoly Rosary
570Margaret Quinlanlay person
569Michael O'Toole
568Maureen DempseyDublin
567Dan AhernColumban Missionary
566Bridie MahonyElphin Sister of Mercy
565Nympha Marrucci
564George WhyteDe La Salle
563Tony EganOSA
562Mark O'MearaSouthwark (Lay)
561George Murphy150% lay. Thank God.
560Bernie ShielsLiverpool
559Francis JudgeKillala
558Miriam WeirDominican
557Stan KennedyRSC
556Joseph J FaheyTheologian
555Mary RainesCloyne
554Mary Rita O'CallaghanDublin
553Michael QuinnDromore
552Peter McVerryJesuit priest
551gemma mckennao5rdinary christian woman living in Dublin
550Fiona FullamSSL
549Rosa Manriquez, IHMRCWP
548Tom HannonKillaloe
547Avis ReynoldsDublin diocese
546Christine HassenstabRCWP Deacon
545mary garveyportland
544Edward McParland
543Brendan O'RourkeRedemptorist
542Diane S. WhalenSeattle
541Judith BeaumontAssociation of Roman Catholic Women Priests
540Beverly BingleRoman Catholic Womanpriest, Toledo, OH, USA
539Paul Kenny Coumban
538Ann HarringtonRaleigh, NC
537maureen mcgill
536Jacqueline NelsonWe Are Church Ireland
535Pearse TimoneyDiocese of Teresina, Brazil (retired)
534Maria MullenRSCJ
533William Howell HowellFerns
532margaret and damian murphycork diocese
531Tony FlanneryRedemptorist
530michael baileyofm
529Tadhg FitzgeraldKerry
528Elsie McGrathUSA-Roman Catholic Womanpriest
527Brian D'Arcy,C.P.Passionist
526Morag LiebertRCWP
525Frank GreggCatholic christian
524Genevieve MooneyDominican
523Donal Lynch
522John McParlandSouthwark, England
521Mary DinneenKerry
520Dan O'MahonyAchonry
519Marion Coy
518Kathy Foulds
517Teresa Leemeath
516Mary LyngDublin
515Marie CollinsDublin
514Michael FlynnKillala
513angela campiondublin/dominican
512Patrick Duffy
511Sr. Eileen
510Sr. Bernadette
509Sr. Grainne
508Goretti McGowan
507Liz ReynoldsDublin/lay
506Bridget Mary MeehanAssociation of Roman Catholic Women Priests
505Margaret More O'Ferrall
504Margaret McGrathOssory
503sandra mc sheaffrey
502Elizabeth Twomey Groven
501Timothy James BarryKiltegan Fathers
500Billy O'DonovanCloyne
499Therese MullenLoreto Sister
498Loretta Verdon
497Sean SextonKillaloe
496Pat MolloyMHM
495James RonayneTuam
494Aidan o KeeffeLay Member of Church in Leixlip
493Una LountDown and Connor
492james cribbinkillala
491Kay MurphyDublin
490Daragh Bradish
489Niamh Nolan
488Eileen HoulahanHoly Faith Sisters
487Breda O TooleTuam
486Brendan O'ConnorElphin
485Alan mowbrayJesuit
484Bridie GintyDublin
483Robert Rinfret
482Leo PhilominOblates of Mary Immaculate
481Áine TimoneyCross and Passion
480Ambrose O FarrellOP
479Brigid Doherty
478kathleen moriartyClogher
477Maureen O'SullivanBantry
476Tony HanlonKerry diocese
475(Sister) Chad McCollumFranciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood
474Michael Paul BurnsMiddlesbrough, England (Lay)
473Brenda Lahartn/a
472Brigid FalaheeCongregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary
471Vera NewportMercy Dublin
470Stephanie JenningsKillala
469Anne ParkinsonGalway
468Geraldine Kelly
467Lucy McCarthyDublin
466Margaret HillDublin
465Brian MurtaghC.S, Sp
464Helen CostelloDublin Diocese
463Marie ShieldsDromore
462Helen WhelehanLay person
461Donal O'DohertyDublin
460Marie WallDublin
459Barbara MattusRCWP-Tucson, AZ
458Noel KeatingKildare & Leighlin
457Brian O'SullivanDublin
456Teresa O'BrienDublin
455Richard FlynnElphin
454Tom MurphyLay person
453Oliver BrennanArmagh
452Mairin DalyOssory
451Richard ShannonDublin
450Mary LillisSister of Mercy
449Thomas HaydenSt. Patrick's Missionary Society.
448Joseph RyanEvangelical Catholic Church - Diocese of Ireland
447Anne ColemanCork and Ross
446rosy wilsondublin
445Michael MurphyTuam
443Ian NeylonElphin, lay
442Mary LillisKillaloe
441Mary O'ConnorElphin, lay
440Jim LauderPriest, ARCWP
439Barry MurphyDublin
438Gloria CarpenetoRCWP-USA, Eastern Region
437Sean de PaorConnemara
436Paul MurphyTuam
435Nessan Vaughan
434Mary O'ConnellDublin
433Sean Lowry
432Denise HarveyIBVM
431David WalshDublin
430Harold CullenTrenton, NJ
429Catherine RedmondGalway
428Fergal RedmondGalway
427Mary DavidsonKillala
426Rev. Dr. Linda SpearRCWPCanada Eastern Region
425Mary HynesLay
424Andrea JohnsonRCWP-USA Eastern Region
423mary dennehybon secours
422Eugene SheehanCork & Ross
421Alice O'ReganGalway
420Mary MorrisTuam
419Con CarrollFranciscan
418Rev.Dr. Michele Birch-ConeryAssociation Roman Catholic Womenprieststs
417Ann KeevansFerns
416Michael HayesKildare/Leighlin
415Maura Walshsisters of Mercy
414Patricia FinucaneSisiter of Mercy
413Mary RayDiocese of Cleveland, St. Mary's Parish, Chardon, Ohio
412Donal DorrSt Patrick's Missionaries (Kiltegan)
411Bridie O'DriscollCork & Ross
410Margaret HickeyCork
409BERNADETTE TOALOrlagh Retreat Centre Dublin
408elizabeth mooneySHCJ
407+Michael Desmond HynesOMD (Order Mater Dei)
406Patricia MelvinKillala
405Jane MurphyCork & Ross / Good Shepherd Sisters
404WALTER McNAMARASpiritans (Cong. of the Holy Spirit)
403sean mcganncork
402Dolores CarrollLay person
401Kim SylvesterGatineau, Quebec
400martin murrayarmagh
399Jo BagnallCenacle
398Norma CorcoranCork
397Gerald McNicholasColumban
396Patrick CoughlanCongregation of the Holy Spirit
395Brian McLaughlinSpiritan
393seamus & Kathleen Killeendublin
392Michael McCann
391Geraldine FlanneryTuam. Lay.
390Marcos Vinicio Sandino MontesLeón, Nicaragua
389Monica WhiteDublin
388Margaret LyngFerns diocese
387Martina KilleavyDublin/Lay
386Richie GoodeAugustinian
385Carol DorganCork
384Maripat DuffyRoman Catholic Women Priests (candidate)
383O'Brien KevinRetired School Principal
382Miriam FlynnKildare
381Joan FinlayDublin(Laity)
380Parig DiganColumban Missionaries
379John GilhoolyKilmore
378Tony CorcoranPobal De
377Neil CollinsMissionary Society of St. Columban
376Tomás KingColumban
375Teresa HerlihyCloyne
374william herlihyCloyne
373John SheaAugustinian (USA)
372kilian brennanDUBLIN
371Kathleen Bellefeuille-RiceRoman Catholic Womenpriests
370Elizabeth ByrnesGalway/Lay Dominican
369Mary CollingwoodAssociation of Roman Catholic Women Priests
368Mary DunnPortsmouth, UK
367Julitta ClancyMeath
366maureen kelleherlay
365Jennifer O'MalleyRoman Catholic Women priests
364Sean O'ConaillDerry
363Clare McCutcheonCork & Ross
362Danny Mc BreartyRaphoe Diocese
361Patricia McGowanSpiritual Life Institute/Holy Hill Hermitage/Sligo
360Olga Lucia Alvarez BenjumeaAsociación Mujeres Presbiteras Católicas
359Gerald McFlynnDown & Connor
358Dr. Rosemarie Smead
357Henrietta O'MearaCork and Ross
356Maria MoranFerns
355Chris McCormack
354Elizabeth TrappeKildare and Leighlen
353Thomas DoyleDominican
352James Harrington OFM CapCapuchin
351MariaJose IribarrenRSCJ
350Diane DoughertyAssociation of Roman Catholic Women Priests
349Alice IaquintaRoman Catholic Womenpriests USA
348Denis M O'RourkeSt Patrick's Missionary Society
347Gabriel Mc GovernDublin Archdiocese
346Janice Sevre-DuszynskaAssociation of Roman Catholic Women Priests
345Deirdre KinlenDublin (laity)
344Ethel KeeganIBVM
343Moira McDowallSrs of La Retraite
342E. MoranChristian
341Suzanne Mc WeyKildare/Leighlin Diocese
340john phairKilmoe
339Peter DunnLay. Dublin
338Patrick J HumeJesuit
337Niall McGuinnessDublin
336Eamon DavisF.M.S.
334Seamus FarrellDerry
333Catherine ReidDublin
332Maria BarryI.B.V.M.
331Norman JenningsColumban Fathers
330Pat WhelanGALWAY
329dan joe o mahonyofm cap.
328Bernadette O'ReillyDublin
327Julie O'Neilllay person,
326Michael CookeDiocese of Kilmore
325Martin MurrayDown and Connor
324Agnes BourkeMissionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary
323Brendan Butlerwe are Church Ireland
322Elizabeth McCarthyDaughters of Mary and Joseph (Dublin)
321Martin Kennedy-
320Desmond KennedyElphin
319Larry MurphyGalway
318James Patrick Mc HughMarried Order
317Susan Lynch Mc HughTrue Born of Derry diocese
316Nancy MorganDublin
315Anne KilroyDown and Connor
314Brendan WrixonCloyne
313Pat Lemasneycork & ross
312Margaret CroninCenacle
311Art Cosgrove
310don goodwinelphin
309John DaltonOFM
308cathy Swift
307Noeleen BoyleLay
306mary legge
305Thomasina PaddenLeitrim
304Kevin HegartyKillala
303Martin P DolanDublin
302Maeve Mc MahonDominican
301Susan MorganDromore
300Mc Hugh PatClogher
299joe mulvaneydublin
298Gay McCarronLay
297Finbarr O'ReganTuam
296John Kelly
295Feena McCarronLay
294Michael KelleherCork and Ross
293Fr Brian ConlonKillala diocese
292Therese Gallagherlay person - Down & Connor
291Tom McCabeOblates
290Bride GivenPresentation sister
289Brendan HobanKillala Diocese
288Roseleen GlennonDublin
287Ann O' Dwyerlay person
286Barney McCaheryRedemptorist
285Joseph DeeganMeath
283Teresa MeeSociety of the Holy Child jesus
282Sean O' LearySpiritans
281John KealyOFM
280Margaret ConsidineBon Secours Kerry
279Dairne Mc HenryWe Are Church Ireland
278Shay CaseyChaplain AIT Athlone
277patsy callananGalway
276Noel RooneyElphin
275Maire RodgersDown &Connor
274John DalyLimerick
273Mary LalorSociety of the Holy Child Jesus
272Michael Howlett
271Rosaline Redican
270Claire BradleyCork & Ross
269Cullen CullenHoly spirit greenhills
268Mary HeffronKillala
267Phil DunneWe are Church Ireland
266David ReaCloyne
265James L CurtisFerns
264John Lawless
263Maureen Mulvaney
262Áilín DoyleDublin
261marlene closedown and connor
260Fr. Phelim JordanDivine Word Missionaries
259Seán Ó CallanáinCork
258Martin HunterDominican
257caroline kehoe
256Seamus NohillySMA
255Kieran MoylanCork & Ross
254Jennifer Littlelay person
253Tom FinniganDerry - lay
252James O GradyTuam
251John DeaneRepublic of Poetry
250Margaret Connaughton
249Tom RiordanCork and Ross
248Ethna HealyDublin
247Carol Fitzpatrick
246Edel O CallanáinCork
245Wilfrid HarringtonDominican
244Brian LennonJesuit
243Colm HolmesWe Are Church - IRL
242Michel McGloinClonfert
241Cathy MolloyDublin
240Mairead OBrienholy Rosary Sisters
239Richard DelahuntyRedemptorist
238Fintan SheerinMeath
237Anne Harkin-PetersenTuam
236moira mac manusLoreto
235Sean O'GormanSacred Hearts
234Marie MonnellyDublin
233Ita MoynihanDublin
232Tony CaseyKillaloe
231Maria CuffeCork Bon Secours
230Brian NolanRedemptorist
229Hilary WakemanCork & Ross
228John SheedyDublin Diocese
227Cyril LovettColumban
226Mairead D'ArcyPastoral worker
225Monica MorleyTuam
224Brendan MacHaleColumbans
223Dan BaragryRedemptorist
222Mary EnglishTuam
221Eddie FinneganArmagh/Westminster - Lay
220Máire MulcahyCork and Ross
219Richard DavernLimerick
218Betty MaherDublin
217Jean and John SwiftDublin
216Tony McDermottMount Argus, Dublin 6W
215Kathleen DuffyKillala
214Pat O'GormanDublin
213Mary Cunningham
212Tommy GilloolySt. Patricks Kiltegan
211Edward QuinnOMI
210Seamus Ahearneo.s.a Augustinian
209Martin Rowanlay parishioner
208Paul O' BoyleKildare and Leighlin
207Jackie MinnockArmagh
206Ena O'DonovanMercy
205Denis BarrorDublin Archdiocese
204Finnian GallagherHospitallers of Saint John of God
203Mary McKeown
202Ian EvansDublin
201Kevin BurkeDublin
200Bride CounihanLittle Sisters of the Assumption
199Michael RodgersSt. Patrick's Missionary Society
198Paddy WhyteWestminster
197Patrick ConnollySt.Patrick's Missionary Society
196Nora O'RiordanCork and Ross
195Gus O'BrienMSC
194Eamon O MurchuDublin
193Jean DuffKillala
192denise hugheswaterford / lismore
191Katherine TierneyBon Secours Kerry
190Séamus LillisDublin
189David SmithMissionaries of the Sacred Heart
188Sharon BroderickMeath/Limburg
187Timothy GalvinSt. Patricks Missionary Society
186Jo O'SullivanDublin Diocese
185David LarkinSt Patrick's Missionary Society,
184Máirín McDonaghReligious of Jesus and Mary
183Martin HarranDerry Diocese
182Elizabeth SpicerMeath
181Niall MartinSt. Patrick's Missionary Society
180Monica BacicDiocese of Kent
179Joseph GallagherBoise, Idaho USA
178P.John MannionSan Antonio
177John Dwyer KirwinDiocese of Albany in New York
176Christine GilsenDown
175John Friel CPPassionists
174Brendan ComiskeyBishop of Ferns, retired
173Joseph BrilleyMeath
172Kathleen O'Connell SaulineYoungstown, OH, US
171Hilary MallonArmagh
170Martin MallonArmagh
169Kathleen FaleyKerry
168Gerry MooreWashington, DC, USA
167Briain Healy
166Jim CorkeryJesuit
165brendan mckevittarmagh
164Michael OHoroKillala
163Benny FlanaganClonfert
162Willie Fitz[atrickOMI
161Tony RiceRedemptorist
160Joan McManusMercy
159margaret morancashel and emly
158Noel ClarkeCiti-Ministries, New York
157Martin McAlindenDromore
156Marie O'DonnellAchonry
155Dara Monahan
154Eimear MoranMeath
153Peter Gahan, M.A. (Rel. Ed)N/A
152Donal Coleman
151Mary LyonsGalway
149Brendan DinneenKerry
148Kieran ShortenCapuchin
147Peter and Patricia Mc CannDromore
146Fr. Pat O'HaganDiocese of Derry
145Patricia FitzsimonsSt Josephs and Calry, Sligo
144Tadhg HerbertRedemptorist
143Catherine Breathnach
142Rosalie Jenkinsonn/a
141Aislinn Carlile
140Paul DennehyCork Diocese
139MARY O'MAHONYcloyne
138Richard VealeDublin
137Brighde O'KaneO.P.
136Orla Cunningham
135Rev. Juanita Cordero RCWPSan Jose, CA
134Kathleen FrielTuam, Mercy Sisters
133Dermot LaneDublin
132Michael CotterLay
131Soline HumbertDublin
130John McEneaneyDublin
129Joseph Stewart
128Liam BlayneySt. Patrick's Missionary Society
127Eamon AylwardSSCC
126Michael O Sullivanunattached
125Louise FarrellKerry
124Sean WalshDublin. (ex O F M...)
123Carmel McMahonIJS
122Margo MulveyLoreto
121Teresa McCormackK/l
120Edward ButlerRaphoe
119Margaret O'SheaLoreto
118Orla DavinCarroll
117Fionnuala LynchIBVM
116A Sweeney
115Desmond KennedyElphin
114Danny Kearney
113Joanne Carroll
112fergus tuohySMA
111Fiona LockhartDublin
110Louise O'SullivanIBVM
109Gerard AlwillKilmore
108Philip MortellLimerick
107Dermot DoranSpiritan
106Ian DoyleOssory
105Patrick CullySpiritan
104Brian GroganJesuit
103Malachy HanrattyColumban
102Matt CarpenterMill Hill
101Jack FinucaneSpiritan
100Willie ClearyMeath
99Michael CullenDublin
98Dominic GilhoolyElphin
97Padraig McCarthyDublin
96Val KyneColumban
95Colm McGrathMill Hill
94Gerry BurnsTuam
93John MannionGalway
92Kevin McLaughlinOMI
91Paschal MooreOssory
90Gerry MurphyColumban
89Des O'GradyJesuit
88John McEvoyColumban
87Roy DonovanCashel & Emly
86Brendan HobanColumban
85Bobby GilmoreColumban
84Charlie MeagherColumban
83Ned QuinnOblate
82Tony O'RiordanSVD
81Rosalie Moloney
80Kevin O'FlahertyDublin
79Patrick LittletonDublin
78kevin mallenmeath
77Angela Hanrahan
76Colm Madiganlay
75frank harmankillala dioceses
74Mary VallelyArmagh
73Eileen T KellySisters of Charity of New York
72Margaret LeeLimerick
71Joe KavanaghDominican
70Colm WarrackJesuit
69Tom JordanDominican
68Sean ConnaughtonColumban
67Gabriel O'DowdDublin
66Frank KellyColumban
65Luke Waldron
64Ray ReidySPS
63Colm MurphyFerns
62Seamus ConnellDublin
61John HassettDublin
60Pat HannonCloyne
59Joe McLoughlinRedemptorist
58Ollie McCrossanColumban
57Desmond WalshTuam
56Noel DunphyKildare & Leighlin
55Alan HilliardDublin
54Stan MellettRedemptorist
53Ciaran KitchingClonfert
52Michael ReddanSVD
51Tony CahirKillaloe
50Ned CrosbyGalway
49Mattie LongTuam
48Tim MurphyDublin
47Gerry O'HanlonJesuit
46Tim BarrySVD
45Billy FultonSPS
44Tom McDonnellSPS
43Joe CantwellSPS
42Padraig DalyAugustinian
41Paddy ByrneKildare&Leighlin
40Peter FarrellyMeath
39Padraig O'ConnorTuam
38Louis McDermottOMI
37Joe KennedyKillaloe
36P.J. MaddenKildare & Leighlin
35Sean O'MahonyAchonry
34Gerard O'ConnorRedemptorist
33Ronan DruryMeath
32brian ConlonKillala
31Tom BardenArdagh
30Patrick DonnellanTuam
29Michael CrosbyGalway
28Patrick RyanDublin
27Donal DohertyDublin
26Paddy O'ReillyAugustinian
25Maurice DooleyCashel & Emly
24Peter FlanneryRedemptorist
23Kevin ReynoldsElphin
22Iggy O'DonovanOSA
21Joe CoyneDublin
20John ColganColumban
19Bernard CotterCork & Ross
18Adrian EganRedemptorist
17John HarringtonOFM Cap
16Peter McCarronDublin
15Denis CrosbyGalway
14Sean McDonaghColumban
13Tom O'KeeffeDublin
12Enda McDonaghTuam
11Joe CahillColumban
10Michael ConwayKillala
9John ByrneOSA
8Jack RogersSPS
7Liam DevineElphin
6Seamus AhearneOSA
5Joseph DeeganMeath
4Tim HazelwoodCloyne
3Des O'DonnellOblate
2Sean DugganRedemptorist
1Joe KavanaghDominican
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