Sunday Homily Resources

Sunday Readings, in summary and in full (NRSV); plus sample homilies from various authors. If you can send me good stuff, I’ll use it here. For “Lectio Divina” reflections on the text of the Sunday readings please see (Fr. Kieran O’Mahony’s excellent Biblical Resources website).

Fr Pat Rogers cp, Mount Argus, Dublin.

29Mar 29th March. Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion

29th March. Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion

March 29th, 2015

Today the church invites us to identify with those who saw Jesus with the eyes of faith and love, who recognized the light of God in the darkness of Jesus’ passion and death. When we look upon the passion and death of Jesus with such eyes, we see a divine love that is stronger than sin, a divine light that shines in all our darknesses, a divine power that brings new life out of all our deaths, a divine poverty that enriches us at the deepest level of our being.

05Apr 5th April. Easter Sunday

5th April. Easter Sunday

April 5th, 2015

On Easter morning, the stone was rolled away from the mouth of the tomb. Could I think of my heart as a tomb awaiting a resurrection? Can I identify anything akin to a stone that is holding me back from enjoying the fullness of life? It could be an addiction, a compulsion or some hidden and dark secret that I have never shared with anyone. We can be as sick as our secrets. But as pope Francis declares, "We are called to be people of joyful hope, not doomsday prophets!"

12Apr 12th April. 2nd Sunday of Easter

12th April. 2nd Sunday of Easter

April 12th, 2015

Unlocking our doors

Most houses are well alarmed nowadays; the computerised alarm has become as basic an item as table and chairs. We also need to have good strong locks; long gone, at least in the cities and towns, are the days when you could just leave the key in the door, and allow neighbours to casually ramble in for a chat and a cup of tea. We are more fearful about our security than we used to be, and this fear and anxiety has led us to take more precautions to protect ourselves. Fear of what others can do...