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26 June 2019.

The long testing of Abram's confidence in the Lord was getting the better of him. Why keep on hoping against hope?...

23Jun Women and the Diaconate

Women and the Diaconate

June 23rd, 2019

We are indebted to Sharon Tighe-Mooney who has written this article for us about the very topical issue of women and the diaconate.
Sharon clearly outlines what has been the stumbling block for the hierarchy - "the fear that including women to any extent would lead to a call for admission to the priesthood", ... "Fear, which is signified by the prioritising of the preservation of the self, has been the dominant feature in the Vatican’s response, both to the exposure of its faults as well as to the challenges that are a normal part of the human evolutionary experience. That is why a perfectly reasonable proposition, to restore women to a formal ministry within their own church, has floundered."

21Jun How much corruption can we tolerate in the church before we leave?

How much corruption can we tolerate in the church before we leave?

June 21st, 2019

This article was recently published on-line on the NCR website in the US. It is a response by Don Cozzens to a piece by James Carroll in the Atlantic journal. Our thanks to Don Cozzens for forwarding it to us.

"Carroll has named for me what continues to unsettle my soul — the superior status and lofty identity the church claims for its priests, cultivated and sustained by clerical celibacy and the withholding of meaningful leadership roles from the laity, especially women."

19Jun Out of the Depths, I Cry to You, O Lord (psalm 129)

Out of the Depths, I Cry to You, O Lord (psalm 129)

June 19th, 2019

Seamus Ahearne says of “Dancing to my death” by Daniel O’ Leary that "His honesty;  taunts, teases and torments us.   The final canvas from this artist, is a challenge to all of us in every aspect of ministry."
..... "remind us of the delicacy and gentleness that is needed, as we meet with sickness, dying, funerals, bereavement and absences.   We have to be ever so careful with our Rituals and with our Religious demands."

13Jun The Vatican’s New Document on Gender: Is There Hope?

The Vatican’s New Document on Gender: Is There Hope?

June 13th, 2019

Colm Holmes, spokesperson for We Are Church Ireland, draws our attention to an article on by Deacon Ray Dever from Florida. Deacon Dever attended the World Meeting of Families in Dublin last year. He assisted at the Papal mass. He is the father of a Transgender daughter and a Bisexual daughter.
In this New Ways Ministry article he asks "Is there Hope?" about the Vatican's new document on Gender.

10Jun The mis-use of the retired bishop of Rome, Benedict

The mis-use of the retired bishop of Rome, Benedict

June 10th, 2019

Brendan Hoban writing in the Western People highlights how some people opposed to the reforms of Pope Francis are misusing the retired Benedict in an attempt to further their cause. "At first it was mainly a few cardinals and higher churchmen whom Francis had removed from their positions (mainly those who opposed his Vatican reforms); then it was others who imagined they warranted promotion but their prospects in the new dispensation were no longer promising; and there was the hard-right of Catholicism who imagine that anyone who disagrees with them (even a Pope) is wrong."

10Jun Peter’s Wife

Peter’s Wife

June 10th, 2019

Brian Eyre considers the recent comments of Cardinal Kasper about married priests in the light of his own life experiences and in the light of the fact that St Peter was a married man.

We welcome Brian home to Ireland and Tralee after many years in Brazil.

08Jun A Wrong Screaming to be Righted

A Wrong Screaming to be Righted

June 8th, 2019

Tony Flannery reflects on his position in light of proposed changes to the 'curia'.
Sadly the injustice inflicted on him and others still screams out to be righted. Can the courage and humility needed to correct this miscarriage of 'church justice' be found by those responsible?

03Jun What did you learn today?

What did you learn today?

June 3rd, 2019

Chris McDonnell wrote recently in the Catholic Times about education and the central roles of the teacher and the school.
In light of the rapidly changing relationship between church and the education system in our country it is very relevant to question what makes a good school and good teacher and realise the role they can play; "The stress of modern family life inevitably follows them (pupils) to school, although for a few hours, the school and an understanding teacher, can become a still point in a turning, turbulent world" ...... "The teacher is the one who walks beside you on the Emmaus Road."

31May Per Tutti – For All

Per Tutti – For All

May 31st, 2019

The editor of praytell blog writes about the forthcoming publication of the new Italian Missal.
"In September, 2017 Pope Francis issued Magnum principium, which called for translations which are both faithful to Latin and respectful of the characteristics of the receptor language......
More significantly, Pope Francis restored authority over translations to bishops’ conferences, as the Second Vatican Council had decreed, and rolled back the creeping centralism of previous decades at odds with the Council’s decisions."

It seems the Italian bishops have taken their responsibility to heart and acted accordingly. We struggle on .....

30May A Grumpy Eye on the World

A Grumpy Eye on the World

May 30th, 2019

Seamus Ahearne casts his eye over recent happenings and imagines how the late Grumpy Cat might view matters. But despite his grumpy outlook there is always redemption. "Have a real sense of history and never make this moment and how I feel, too important. Celebrate the Liturgy of life without the pompous solemnity which kills the very soul of faith. Faith and God has to be celebrated with imagination and creativity. No stodginess. No boredom. No head only nonsense. The heart and body and the very soul has to be stirred. Explore beauty. Forget all the nonsense of passing fashion and fads. Don’t get stuck in mud of negativity"

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