27Sep Response to Jennifer Sleeman Initiative

We in the Association of Catholic Priests acknowledge that the position of women in the Catholic Church is a difficult and often divisive issue, but also one that needs to be faced and discussed as openly and calmly as possible.… Read the rest

15Sep Brendan Hoban’s Address in Portlaoise

This meeting today is born out of a conviction that a voice for priests is an urgent need, indeed a justice imperative for priests and for our Church now and (I think it isn’t too large a claim to make) … Read the rest

01Sep A new ‘Association of Catholic Priests’ – Brendan Hoban

From The Furrow

In his latest book, ‘Theology in Winter Light’ Enda McDonagh heads his introductory words, ‘From Summer Dazzle to Winter Light, 1960s-2009.’ He charts the path from ‘the summer-time and summer-dazzle of the Catholic Church’ in the years … Read the rest