26Oct Regional Meeting of ACP in Claremorris

Forty five priests attended the regional meeting of the Association of Catholic Priests in the Curam Centre in Claremorris on Tuesday, Oct. 26th.

After a short address from Brendan Hoban the meeting was opened to the floor.

A … Read the rest

22Oct New Translation of Liturgical Texts

Apparently the new liturgical texts were introduced prematurely in South Africa in 2008.

This article is interesting, in that it gives some idea of how they were received in that country.

Would it be an indication of what is to … Read the rest

20Oct Critical analysis of the Murphy report – Padraig McCarthy

RITE AND REASON: Time for a reasoned and critical analysis of Murphy report - PÁDRAIG McCARTHY

20Oct The Ryan Report (The Furrow, June 2009)

Padraig McCarthy Furrow re Ryan Report June 09

20Oct Dealing with child sexual abuse – Padraig McCarthy.

Dealing with child sexual abuse – Furrow June 2002padraig mccarthy

18Oct The Cry of the Earth: Pastoral Reflections on Climate Change

The document below on the issues of climate change was released by the Irish bishops in November 2009.  One year later in the run-up to the UN Conference on Climate Change the world is still waiting for effective action on … Read the rest

16Oct New texts of Eucharistic Prayer 2 & 3

The new liturgical texts are due to be introduced in a year’s time.  Advance preparation for their introduction will begin shortly.  I think it is true to say that most priests, and almost all laity, are fairly unaware as yet … Read the rest

15Oct The Holy See’s position on climate change

Joint statement following Lancaster House Statement - Saturday, 18 September 2010. This is the clearest and more comprehensive statement from the Holy See on climate change (Sean McDonagh)

15Oct Social Justice Ireland – Policy Briefing Oct 2010

Budget Choices A Fairer Future is Possible
Policy Briefing
ISSN: 1649-4954
Social Justice Ireland
Arena House
Arena Road
Dublin 18
Phone: 01 2130724
S ocial Justice Ire-land believes a fairer future is pos-sible … Read the rest

15Oct Severe Weather and Global Warming – Seán McDonagh SSC

Climate change has not gone away. Already this year there have been severe weather events in Pakistan, China,  Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Poland.  I could have included Africa where a severe drought is causing  hunger and malnutrition in … Read the rest