15Oct Emptying the Seas of Life – Seán McDonagh SSC

In the run-up  to the UN Conference on Biodiversity which will take place this year in the city of Nagoya, Japan from October 18th to the 29th 2010, I have been writing a number of articles on how … Read the rest

15Oct Are We Achieving Millennium Goals? – Seán McDonagh SSC

The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon and many other world leaders gathered at the United Nations in New York on September 20th 2010, to discuss whether the Millennium Goals (MDGs) are going to be achieved by 2015. The MDGs … Read the rest

15Oct Destroying God’s Creation – Seán McDonagh SSC

The Quenching of Life’s Exuberance: Destroying God’s Creation. UN Convention on Biodiversity, October 18th to 29th 2010. - Fr. Seán McDonagh, SSC

11Oct ACP Statement on the Economic Situation


Association of Catholic Priests on economic choices facing Ireland

Priests who work in parishes are constantly in touch with the struggles of people from all sections of society.  We are painfully aware of the hardship that is being visited on … Read the rest