28Dec Our Press Statement in response to Bishop Freeman’s article in Irish Times, Dec. 28th

Statement from the Association of Catholic Priests

In response to Bishop Freeman in Irish Times. (28th Dec.)

The Association of Catholic Priests is delighted with the initiative taken by Cardinal Brady, inviting people to respond to the Pope’s letter, … Read the rest

26Dec Sunday within the Christmas Octave. Feast of the Holy Family


Family life is experiencing a crisis of stability, partly caused by economic hardship, but often by other factors like lack of generosity, or too much insistence on getting one’s own way. Today’s feast invites us to meditate on our … Read the rest

25Dec Christmas Day


Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in our world, though he was with God the Father before all ages. His birth opens up for us a glorious new identity, as children of God. On this major feast, … Read the rest

23Dec Advent Week 4 – Thursday

Ml 3:1ff. God's messenger will bring about a conversion of hearts, before the great and terrible day of the Lord. Luke 1:57ff. Amazement, joy and hopefulness at the birth of John the Baptist.

22Dec Advent Week 4 – Wednesday

1 Samuel 1:24ff. Samuel's mother, Hannah, dedicates her young son to a life of service to God. Luke 1:46ff. Mary's hymn of praise and thanksgiving, the Magnificat.

21Dec An interesting development in New York

It seems that Archbishop Timothy Dolan, newly elected president of the US bishops’ national conference, has some unrest to deal with among his clergy about the new missal. The priests of the vicariate in Yonkers in the Archdiocese of New … Read the rest

21Dec Advent Week 4 – Tuesday

So 2:8ff. Lyrical love-poetry from the Song of Songs, about the beloved who is coming. Luke 1:39ff. The mutual encouragement of Mary and Elizabeth: sharing of faith at the Visitation.

20Dec Advent Week 4 – Monday

Isaiah 7:10ff. King Ahaz refuses to ask a sign of the Lord; then Isaiah promises a child to be called Immanuel. Luke 1:26ff. The angelic annunciation to Mary, the highly-favoured one: she will conceive of the Spirit, and give birth to Jesus.

19Dec A Young Priest’s View: Paul Dempsey

From The Furrow

A number of months ago I received a call from the producer of the “Marian Finucane Radio Show,” asking if I would join with a number of other priests to share my experience of what it is … Read the rest

19Dec 4th Sunday in Advent

Theme: What God does for us is greater than what we do for God; and yet he is pleased by our desire to serve him through good works. Like King David, or our Blessed Lady, we each can have a … Read the rest