15Jan Saturday 15th January

Hebrews 4:12ff. God’s word is a two-edged sword, penetrating soul and spirit; our compassionate high priest sympathises with our weakness.
Mark 2:13ff. Jesus calls a tax collector to join him as a disciple, and then proceeds to dine with Matthew/Levi … Read the rest

15Jan Meeting of ACP members with Cardinal Murphy O’Connor, January 13th 2011, in Dromantine Retreat Centre

Frs. Seán McDonagh, Gerard Alwill and Seán McCartan met with Cardinal Murphy–O’Connor,  Professor Shiela Hollings and Mgr Mark O’Toole at Dromantine at about 11.15 a.m on January 13th 2011. Unfortunately, Fr. Malachy Conlon could not attend because of a … Read the rest

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