12Jan Meeting of ACP with Vatican Visitor in Dublin

On Tuesday, January 11th, a delegation from the ACP met with Cardinal Sean O’Malley, the Apostolic Visitor to the Archdiocese of Dublin,  in All Hallows.  Our delegation consisted of Tim Murphy and Padraig McCarthy of Dublin diocese,  Gerry O’Hanlon S.J. and myself, Tony Flannery.

It was a good meeting.  I would consider it very worthwhile. 

Cardinal O’Malley listened closely to what we had to say.  My three colleagues were very well prepared, with copies of their statements, which they left with the Cardinal.

Padraig covered the Murphy Report, which he has written so well about, and the response to it by the diocese.  Tim spoke very forcefully about the experience of living through this trauma as a priest in Dublin, and the ways in which he felt things could have been done differently.

Gerry spoke more generally about the need for reform in the Church; that we must face issues like structures of government, ministry, the place of women, sexual teaching, etc.

We questioned the Cardinal as to what would happen as a result of this visitation.  He assured us that the views he was hearing would be reported to the Vatican.  What happened after that would be in the hands of the Pope.  But he trusted that a realistic report would be made public.

I was reassured that he certainly understood the extent of the crisis we are facing, and that he will not hold back in reporting it to Rome.

Another delegation from the ACP, led by Sean McDonagh, is meeting with Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor, the visitor to the Archdiocese of Armagh, on Thursday.

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