06Feb Letter sent by Brian Grogan to Irish Times

To the EDITOR: Please, commas, capitals etc below are deliberate. Many thanks. Brian Grogan SJ
Madam, – Good friends, citizens, Romans all, a niggle deep assails my soul when pensively I study this new text, in adamantine stone by foreign … Read the rest

06Feb Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Tyranny and oppression still flourish in many parts of the world. Other facets of unfairness and structural abuses often stare us in the face, closer to home, such as long-term poverty, unemployment and homelessness. Christ’s message calls for our … Read the rest

06Feb Email from ‘What if we just said Wait’

We received the following email from Fr. Michael Ryan.  Note that he is encouraging us to sign up to the ‘What if we just said Wait’ petition on the internet.

Congratulations on your recent statement regarding the new Roman … Read the rest