17Feb Meeting of Tuam Diocese of ACP

With over 30 priests from Tuam Diocese already registered as members of the ACP there was a very positive and enthusiastic meeting in the ‘Cúram Centre’ Claremorris on Tuesday 15th February at 2 pm.

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17Feb The Art of Wilful Blindness. Brendan Hoban

(With acknowledgement to the Western People|)

In a remarkable interview at the gates of Dáil Éireann on his last day as a
TD, Bertie Ahearn lamented the fact that no one had told him what was going
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17Feb Thursday in the Sixth Week of Ordinary Time

Gen 9:1ff. The rainbow, a perpetual sign of God’s covenant with Noah and the human race. Blood and life belong to God.

Mark 8:27ff. Peter confesses Jesus as the Messiah; then he is reprimanded for rejecting the Passion prediction.


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