28Feb Letter from Jackie Minnock

Just to let you know that the following letter has been sent to a number of newspapers in both Southern and Northern Ireland in the hope of publication.  You may or may not like to put the letter on your website.

Many thanks

Jackie Minnock

In our continuing correspondence with Cardinal Sean Brady, as Primate of Ireland, we, the undersigned, wish to encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ to once again take up the pen as we begin this holy Season of Lent.
The Trocaire campaign this year is Justice, Peace and Dignity in the Communities of our fellow Christians in the Third World. This is a most worthy theme and one that we would do well to be part of.  Perhaps in our prayers and actions for our fellow Christians we could include the members of our Church here in Ireland.  In truth we are in need of justice, dignity and a share of peace that comes with these God given rights.
Those who wish to have a say in how the Catholic Church in Ireland can be a place of justice, dignity and peace, could send a postcard or letter to Cardinal Sean Brady, setting out how this might best be achieved.
We ask that this Lenten Message be sent to Cardinal Brady in Armagh to coincide with the first Sunday of Lent 11th March 2011.  Those who wish to wear their green ribbons, or green apparel to mark the occasion please do so.  It is only through continued communication that the Faithful can share their view of the vision for the Church in Ireland.
Jackie Minnock
Nuala O Driscoll
Norah O Baoil
Marlene Fitzpatrick
Nuala McLoughlin
Jennifer Sleeman
c/o Knockbridge
Dundalk, Co. Louth.

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