06Feb Letter sent by Brian Grogan to Irish Times

To the EDITOR: Please, commas, capitals etc below are deliberate. Many thanks. Brian Grogan SJ
Madam, – Good friends, citizens, Romans all, a niggle deep assails my soul when pensively I study this new text, in adamantine stone by foreign hand late hacked.
Gadzooks! But who am I, paunched greybeard, for the sack, alack, most meet? – methinks the plain folk of the land best might be served, were m’lords to call a stay in the texts’ regard. Instead, sweet m’lords, let’s to holy work proceed, and linked in love and prayer before our gracious God, explore what be His Will for loyal men, by scandal and defection sorely racked.
Nay too, be I not rash, in afterthought, include our sisters staunch! Beloved by God, to them we are beholden for the populating of our pious pews, and cash. ‘Twere ill, I trow, to find a comely maid, no longer weekly in devout worship bowed, but – God forfend! – in dance at crossroad to base music loud. Or by our kindly God is this allowed?
Yours etc
Brian Grogan SJ
35 Lr Leeson St
Dublin 2
+353 86 407 4826

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