10Mar Thursday after Ash Wednesday

Deut. 30:15ff. A heartfelt call to fidelity, as the key to their future.”Choose life so that you and your descendants may live!”

Luke 9:22ff. Jesus predicts his passion, and its effect on disciples – they must carry their cross each … Read the rest

10Mar Prefaces for Lent: Old and New

These prefaces are a good illustration of the new texts, and the difference that the literal translation from Latin makes.  They can easily be printed off and used as part of a discussion with pastoral councils, liturgy groups, etc.

Click here to Download the Old and New Prefaces for Lent (pdf)

10Mar Membership Fee

At a recent meeting of the ACP it was decided that there would be an annual membership fee of €20.  That fee is now due.

Members can pay through a facility on the website.

Or alternatively they can send the … Read the rest