30Mar Letter from Fr. Lar O’Connor to the Irish Catholic

Dear Editor,
I am becoming more and more annoyed as expensive advertisements for the New Missal arrive in the mail. Having reviewed the text of this document with the most favourable disposition I just cannot imagine … Read the rest

30Mar The Exultet: Old, New and Latin

This is from Padraig McCarthy.  The Exultet is one of my favourite prayers, and I hate to see what the new translation has done to it.  Have a look at it for yourself.

30Mar Report on Clonfert meeting of ACP

A very good and well attended meeting of priests ministering in Clonfert on Monday afternoon, March 21st. It was organised and hosted by Fr Ciaran Kitching, in Killimor. There were 18 priests present (very impressive in a small diocese) and … Read the rest

30Mar Bishops’ Letter to the ACP

We have decided to put this letter on the website, since it gives a context and explains our Press Statement;  and members have been asking us for it.

30Mar Wednesday in the Third Week of Lent

Deut. 4:1ff. Belonging to God’s people is a privelege, implying responsibilities, and a wonderful destiny.

Matthew 5:17ff. The spirit of prophetic renewal, that Jesus both taught and lived by, embodies and deepens the best features of Israel’s past. It’s not … Read the rest