10Mar Prefaces for Lent: Old and New

These prefaces are a good illustration of the new texts, and the difference that the literal translation from Latin makes.  They can easily be printed off and used as part of a discussion with pastoral councils, liturgy groups, etc.

Click here to Download the Old and New Prefaces for Lent (pdf)

7 Responses

  1. Charlie Meagher

    The present texts of the prefaces are ok for me.
    If it works, don’t fix it.

  2. AJButler

    The new Prefaces for Lent, Preface II.

    Reading the words ” …freed from our disodered affections…”
    Rang a bell somewhere! Googled ” disordered affections ” 2 million + sources noted.
    Started with ” St. Ignatius of Spiritual Exercises Sec 2 “, from there to next heading ” Priestly Treason and Disorded Affections” and decided to stop viewing at “Disordered Affections” arising from apoplexy.

  3. Con Devree

    I think the new translation is more meaningful, encourages more reflection and is mor instructive of our faith

  4. Pat O'Hagan

    Even with the present Missal I often wonder if the language and expressions used make much sense to the man, woman or child in the pews, but these new translations make little sense to me, and I think I’d find it hard to say them in a meaningful way. The old Lenten prefaces are, in fact, very good. Prayed slowly, with feeling and meaning, they get the message across more than adequately. Perhaps what we need is instruction in our speaking style.
    I’ve heard that the new Missal is ready for publication, and that it won’t be stopped. Boycott may be the only means at our disposal.
    Has anyone found out yet how much the new Missals are going to cost? In my parish we have four churches, so everything x 4.
    I wish the ACP well in their efforts to “discuss” this with the bishops concerned.

  5. Joe O'Leary

    In approving these dreadful translations the Irish bishops have failed magnificently in their most sacred duty. They should be called to account.

    I think it is immoral to inflict such dreck on the long-suffering faithful.

    I really think the most responsible thing we can do is to organize a boycott of these texts. How long do we passively allow our bishops to make a shambles of the Church and its worship?

    I just noticed that Pat O’Hagan makes the same proposal. We should boycott these texts and we should call the bishops to account. They are not our kings but our servants and they have let the People of God down in a big way by sleeping on the job.

  6. Gerard Flynn

    Pat, Vertias have a pre-publication offer of €249.

  7. Anastasia

    You have our prayers and our sympathy. I can’t imagine how awful it must be to have these forced upon you. The sexism in these translations grates deeply.

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