30Apr Easter Saturday

The courage to trust him

The Sanhedrin, the supreme ruling body of Judaism, found it impossible to consider that Jesus could be the Messiah, and that he had really risen from the dead. To believe in him would demand a major change in the whole furniture of their belief-system; nothing less than a total reinterpretation of their Scripture and cherished traditions.

29Apr Email from ACP Leadership

The following email has just been sent to all our members with email addresses. There are about fifty members who do not have email.  If any of you know any of them, you might be good enough to pass on the content of this email to them.

29Apr Easter Friday

Hauling in the Net

The apostles went back to where they started, to Galilee, where they continued their work as fishermen. But their lives had been transformed by their contact with Jesus, and when they met him by the lakeshore, they recognised him, hauled in the net at his advice, and heard his guidance for their future, building on the past.

28Apr Easter Thursday

Clothed with Power from on High

Peter shares his conviction that Jesus was the fulfilment of all that the Jews had hoped, over many centuries: "All the prophets have announced the events of these days." This echoes what Jesus himself said on the evening of Easter day, "Everything written about me in Moses and the prophets had to be fulfilled."

27Apr Easter Wednesday

Powerful, after his death

The Emmaus story offers an inspiring model or paradigm for disciples of every age: if we travel the journey with each other, sharing our faith in Christ, he will be with us, to open our minds to the truth. Just as he brought them to deeper understanding, so he does for all who listen to him. His promise remains, "I am with you, always!"

26Apr Easter Tuesday

Coming to know the Risen One

The fascination of the Easter story is largely due to the sense of gradual recognition of the risen Jesus, by his closest friends and followers. John's vivid account of Magdalene challenging the gardener to hand back the body of Jesus conveys some sense of their stupor and confusion. ..

25Apr Easter Monday

Different stories about Resurrection

Our Scriptures describe the miracle and mystery of our Lord's dying and rising in many and varied ways. As Peter's sermon on that first Pentecost was addressed to an international group of Jews, all conscious of their Jewish identity, he sets Jesus within the larger framework of Jewish history...

24Apr Easter Sunday


When Christ broke the death-barrier on the first Easter morning, he did so as our Saviour, for all of us. He opens up the gateway and prepares for us a highway to the loving presence of God. So we often proclaim, "Dying, he destroyed our death; by rising he restored our life." This Easter message is at the very centre of our Christian faith. Today's Scriptures offer an experiential account of this new life, from the lived experience of Peter, Paul and the Beloved Disciple.

24Apr Easter Sunday – Liturgy Preparation

On Easter morning the Christian family celebrates the central mystery of  faith, the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. He suffered on the cross and died for us, but now he is risen! Filled with the spirit of Easter joy, Christians proclaim the might and glory of God.

23Apr Easter Vigil – Liturgy Preparation

At the Easter Vigil, we gather around the Easter candle, inspired by its light and heated by the Spirit of God, celebrating the Lord’s resurrection. With that light to illumine our way, we remember how God has cared for humanity from the dawn of time. The readings read this night remind us what happened at the highpoints of our history.