20Apr Two Items from Scottish Priest, Mike Fallon, relating to liturgical texts

Some time ago we published here an open letter written by Fr. Mike Fallon to the Bishops of Scotland relating to the liturgical texts.  He received no reply from any of them, so he has decided to write a second letter.  We publish this here, and also the text of an interview he gave on the subject.  For those of us involved in the issue here, there is a ring of familiarity about his experience.

20Apr Wednesday in Holy Week

Saved from Fear and Shame

When Isaiah says, “I gave my back to those who struck me, and my cheeks to those who pulled out the beard,” he’s talking about that same place. It was usual in Isaiah’s day for Hebrew men to wear full beards, and pulling out a beard, besides being quite painful, was an attack on a man’s dignity.

20Apr Holy Week Penance Service – Liturgy Preparation

This liturgy, for use in parishes in Holy Week, is a celebration of God’s forgiveness, and of our reconciliation with God and one another. The service has four parts. After a brief introduction (the first part), people listen to God’s word and reflect on it. Then all  celebrate the Rite of Reconciliation, during which everyone will have the opportunity of going to Confession. The service ends with an Act of Thanksgiving.