03May Tuesday in the Second Week of Easter

An ideal, united community?

Today's Scriptures present us with the question of whether and how a fair sharing of property can be achieved within the church. We see how, at least for a while, the early Christians at Jerusalem pooled all their resources, and there was no one in financial distress. Later, however, their destitution was

03May Important: From our sister Association in Australia

Our colleagues in Australia are naturally concerned over the forced removal of Bishop William Morris of Toowoomba.  We have here the statement that they issued this morning in reponse to this very unfortunate action.

03May Specsavers and Fundamentalism: our Church Today

All forms of fundamentalism are an escape from thinking.   The following is an article written by Augustinian, Seamus Ahearne, on the problem of fundamentalism at all levels in our world today.

Moderating this website, as I do, I don't need any convincing about the relevance of Seamus's article.

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