22May Fifth Sunday of Easter

Theme: New Horizons

Life is a pilgrimage, where new horizons constantly appear, and new challenges must be met. As on any journey, it is important to keep our eyes fixed on our destination which is eternal life. With Christ as our guide our church will not go astray, even if we have to make changes and relax some of our cherished traditions in order to meet the new needs of our people, here and now – just as the apostles did, when they set up new ministries to deal with new needs. We may be God's temple and yet not be "set in stone", for as St Peter puts it, we are "living stones" and the house we are built into is the living body of Christ.

22May Fifth Sunday of Easter – Liturgy Preparation

The Liturgy of the Fifth Sunday of Easter puts the life-giving words of Jesus before the worshipping assembly.  Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, the one in whom people can place all their trust. Because they believe these things, they gather to praise God......

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