24May Article by Anthony Ruff on New Missal

I know that most priests now feel that the debate about the New Missal is over, and that we should just accept it, and get on with it.  I am putting up this piece from Anthony Ruff to show that the debate is still very much alive in other parts of the world, and that there are issues at stake here that go way beyond the quality of the new translations.

Also, as some of our ACP members have pointed out, why is it that we are the only group who have publicly objected to this New Missal, and the process by which it is being imposed. No lay Catholic group, no Chaplaincy group, no theological body, or any other group in this country have, as far as I know, made their voices heard.  Does that mean that they all favour this change, or could it be some other reason.

24May Tuesday in the Fifth Week of Easter

Gone On Ahead

One of the ways by which we follow Jesus into his mysterious life with the Father and the Spirit, is to allow our own spirit come to rest in the deepest part of ourselves. Here is where the temple of God is constructed; here is the Holy of Holies of that temple, here resides the Ark of the Covenant, containing the tablets of the law (Deut 31:26). Here is where we hear God's word,

24May Letter from Desmond Wilson

Dear Friends,
The small samples of new texts were given to a few people here whom we trust for good taste and concern. They were depressed.
It is high time we brought together our own Latin scholars – we still … Read the rest

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