10May Report on Meeting of Clogher Diocese ACP


Clogher Diocese ACP: I’m glad to report that we have had our second meeting of the ACP in the Diocese on the 6th April, while the numbers attending were small, many others simply were too busy to attend, this prompted much of what we were to discuss at our gathering.

With regards the New Liturgical Texts, we have moved on from this topic, and that may not go down well in some quarters, and while we are not in anyway minimizing the impact these changes will have upon both priests and people, there is a growing sense of inevitability about it, and greater issues, bigger issues may be sidelined by the attention we might give to this particular topic. Some of our Priests are already using the new Eucharistic Prayers and regular notices are placed in the Parish Bulletin to prepare the people for the changes, so there is that clear sense of inevitability within our Diocese of the new texts implementation in November 2011.

As a Diocesan group we are therefore beginning to centre on self care, on enabling our members to manage time and to develop both a personal and a shared vision of our Priesthood, and we have enlisted the help of Fr. Mike Drennan sj to help us in those tasks. Fr. Mike is to attend a gathering of the ACP membership on Wednesday 25th May in Clones. So we are happy about the direction our diocesan group of the ACP is going in, and hope that at national level the association will also begin to lead us towards a more wholesome Priesthood.

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