30Jun Fascinating development in Austrian Church

John Wijngaards points to some exciting news from Austria where 300 parish priests are openly refusing to comply because of the Church’s lack of reform. They call for ‘disobedience’ in seven key areas. See: http://www.pfarrer-initiative.at/

The seven points are: (John … Read the rest

30Jun 30 Jun Thursday of Week Thirteen

Misguided Orthodoxy

The contrast between Abraham and the Pharisees is striking and baffling. Abraham is misguided in thinking that God wanted human sacrifice. The Pharisees are orthodox in their theology that only God can forgive sin yet they are misguided in limiting God's power. It is clear that even good intentions (on Abraham's part) and

29Jun 29 June, Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles


In the biblical stories about the two main apostles, we see what deep faith can achieve in the life of generous persons. Today we pray for our present Church, that all may play our part in the life of faith. We get a glimpse of each of them in prison for the faith, prepared for martyrdom if necessary, in bearing witness to the Gospel. Then we have the great declaration of faith, as a result of which Jesus gives a special role of faith-affirmer to Peter, "the Rock" to help sustain the faith of others.

29Jun Christine Gilsen reflecting on Angela Hanley’s address in Portlaoise

The text of the address by Angela Hanley on the website of the Association of Catholic Priests, dated 14th June 2011, has prompted me to convey my position regarding the implementation of the new English missal translation. My natural … Read the rest

29Jun Women priests ‘when God wills’: Cardinal

The Patriarch of Lisbon, Cardinal Jose da Cruz Policarp, says that there are no theological obstacles to women priests but that it is better not to raise the issue now.

June 27, 2011

There will be women a priest … Read the rest

28Jun 28 Jun Tuesday of Week Thirteen

Saved from the Storm

In face of natural disasters, such as earthquake and volcanic eruptions at Sodom and Gomorrah or a fierce storm on the Lake of Galilee, God saves those who trust in him and those for whom others pray. By Abraham's prayer Lot, his wife and two daughters are led to safety by an angel; the disciples in the boat are amazed at Jesus' power over the wind and the waves. However, if people persist in sinful behaviour, unwilling to give up living off others' inhuman working conditions, then prophets

27Jun 27 Jun Monday of Week Thirteen

Arguing with God

The Genesis story shows Abraham bargaining with God to have the wicked cities spared. He begins at fifty, asking God to spare the cities if fifty innocent people can be found there. He speaks up again, pleading for their survival if forty-five innocent are found. The haggling continues and Abraham gradually pares the number down

26Jun The Irish Examiner

The Irish Examiner has a two day feature on Irish Priests, which are well worth reading. They are on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th of June.

On Friday there is a good interview with Brendan Hoban on the Association.

And Saturday profiles Fr. Paul O'Boyle of Kildare and Leighlin, giving a very good outline of the varied work of a priest today.

26Jun The Body and Blood of Christ – Liturgy Preparation

The Liturgy of Corpus Christi invites those who gather for Mass on this Sunday to reflect on God’s care for the family of faith, especially through the gift of divine nourishment on our pilgrimage through life.

25Jun 26 June Feast of The Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi)


God's people in the desert were fed by miraculous provision of food and drink. Our heavenly Father continues to feed us with the body and blood of his Son, as celebrated in this feast of Corpus Christi. He continues to nourish us spiritually by this wonderful gift of the Real Presence, food for our souls, so that as Jesus declared, "whoever eats me will live because of me."

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