05Jun Maureen Dowd on Diarmaid Martin: New York Times

Somebody sent me a copy of the article.  So, rather than just calling attention to it, I decided to put it up.  And I would be happy to publish comments.  What do the readers of this site think of this account of Dr. Martin?

05Jun 05 June The Ascension of the Lord


We celebrate today Christ's ascension to his eternal glory in heaven and express our hope that where he has gone before us, we will one day follow, to the kingdom of our Father. A homily theme: we are separated from Jesus our Lord, only in body but not in spirit. His ascension into heaven is a blessing in disguise for us, not a loss, for he pours out on us from heaven all the energising grace that we need, to be his community in this present world.

05Jun Ascension of the Lord — Liturgy Preparation

On Ascension Day, we celebrate the departure in triumph of Jesus. We remember his sending out of the disciples, and his promise to remain with us until the end of time.