07Jun Liturgy and Church Reform: Padraig McCarthy

This is an excellent article by Padraig McCarthy.   Also available in The Furrow

07Jun Report from Clogher diocesan ACP

This is a very interesting and encouraging development in Clogher.  As you can see from the report, they are really facing the issues and problems that all of us as priests are confronted with. We, the leadership, would love if other dioceses could maybe take a lead from this, and begin to organise similar type meetings. I am aware that such discussion is probably done best at local level, but if anyone could come up with how we might pursue these agendas at a national level we would love to hear from them.  The organiser of the ACP in Clogher is Jimmy McPhillips.  I am sure Jimmy would be more than happy to give advice to any other group wishing to follow their lead.

07Jun 07 Jun Tuesday in the Seventh Week of Easter

Famous Last Words

Both Paul and Jesus indicate that an important phase of their ministry has been completed: Paul must proceed to Jerusalem and if he survives the persecutions in that city, he hopes to sail westward to Rome and then to Spain; Jesus declares that he has finished the work given to him by the heavenly Father and now asks: "Do you now, Father, give me glory at your side?" Paul's words take the form of a final