16Jun Padraig McCarthy responding to Bishop’s latest statement on New Missal

Just a note on today’s statement from the bishops after their Summer meeting this week: http://www.catholicbishops.ie/2011/06/16/june-general-meeting/
You may wish to put my comments on the website.
The statement from the bishops contains the following sections:
1.       Benedict XVI 60th anniversary … Read the rest

16Jun James Allison in Dublin


James Alison, author of Faith Beyond Resentment: Fragments Catholic and Gay, will be in Dublin for the following TWO events:-

 Wednesday 29 June 2011 ― Retreat Day

The theme is “Loving the Church and Surviving in the Church: Why Read the rest

16Jun 16 Jun Thursday of Week Eleven

Words can clear the air

Some people at Corinth must have accused Paul of merely "rattling" words - of being just a talker, not a doer. In their gossip they must have complained that he should manifest a more tolerant and patient attitude towards their faults. Yet Paul did not back down but stated his personal independence and his privilege of speaking openly