05Jun Ascension of the Lord — Liturgy Preparation

Opening Comment

We celebrate the Ascension of Jesus today. We remember his sending out of the disciples, and his promise to remain with us until the end of time.

Penitential Rite: Assured by Christ’s words, we renew our trust in his continuing help (pause). Lord Jesus, you raise us to new life: Lord, have mercy etc


Introduction to the Scripture Readings

Acts 1:1-11 — Luke describes the Ascension: this excerpt is taken from the very beginning of the book of Acts.

Ephesians 1:17-23 — Paul interprets the event as Christ’s exaltation at the right hand of the Father.

Mattehw 28:16-20 — Matthew’s description of the command to make disciples of all nations, given at the Ascension.


The General Intercessions


Introduction (by the Presider) With confidence, we bring our prayers before God, the Most High.

  1. For Christian missionaries all over the world, that God’s Spirit may fill them with fresh enthusiasm. (Pause for silent prayer) Lord, hear us.
  2. For all of us on our journey of faith, that Christ’s presence may sustain us, all our days. (Pause for silent prayer) Lord, hear us.
  3. For those who work in the world of communications, that their efforts may serve humankind. (Pause for silent prayer) Lord, hear us.
  4. For absent friends, and all those we have lost contact with,that God’s Spirit may heal broken relationships. (Pause for silent prayer) Lord, hear us.
  5. For those whose life in this world has ended (especially N & N), that where Christ has gone, they may soon follow. (Pause for silent prayer) Lord, hear us.
  6. A moment’s quiet prayer for all our own particular needs…(Long pause for silent prayer) Lord, hear us.

Conclusion (by the Presider) God most high, king of all the earth, you care for all you have made: Hear these prayers we make in faith, through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Other Liturgical Suggestions

Today is World Communications Day — a day to highlight and encourage the work of those involved in the communications ministries of the parish (eg. parish newsletter, website etc). Penitential Rite c-vi. Alternative Opening Prayer. Preface of the Ascension 1. Eucharistic Prayer 3. Solemn Blessing 8 (Ascension).



‘Let The Earth Rejoice And Sing’; ‘Now the Green Blade Rises’; ‘Praise to the Holiest in the Height’.