31Jul 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Liturgy Preparation

Great wonders are proclaimed in today’s Liturgy. God’s love and God’s care for humanity are made manifest, and those who gather for Mass are invited to join in God's feast.

30Jul 30 July, Saturday of Week 17

The secular roots of redemption

Leviticus 25 summarizes the sociological setting of ancient Israel. It states the secular context regulating land and family relationships, and roots these rights and obligations in Israel's relationship to God. Another passage from this chapter, not cited today, gives the theological basis. Through

29Jul 29 July, Friday, Memorial of St Martha

Martha's Faith (Fr Bill Dinga)

Today we celebrate the feast of St Martha, who was sister both to Mary and Lazarus. We recently heard in a gospel passage how Mary "chose the better part" when Jesus came to visit their home – "better part" being her close attentiveness to Jesus at his feet. But, this does not preclude Martha's

28Jul Report on latest meeting of Clogher ACP

Our colleagues in Clogher are setting a headline for all of us, with the regularity of their meeting and the substance of their agendas.

28Jul 28 July, Thursday of Week 17

New Beginnings

Today we conclude the Book of Exodus, as important to the Old Testament as are the gospels to the New. We also conclude another of the major sections in Matthew's gospel, on the reign or kingdom of God (Matthew 11:2--13:53). In these readings we find God's merciful way of starting over

28Jul Young Priests and Old Priests: Francis Moore

This came in as a comment, but I thought it was sufficiently interesting to put up as a post.  I do not know the author, if it is a priest or layperson.

27Jul The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Paddy O’Kane of Derry reflecting on the Cloyne Report

Our hearts go out to the people of Norway in their trauma. This horrible incident was the big story last week together with the worsening situation in the Horn of Africa where famine has been officially declared. Incidentally we are … Read the rest

27Jul 27 July, Wednesday of Week 17

Ready for Radical Choices?

At crucial transitions in our life, and certainly at the hour of death, we are obliged to exchange all our possessions for the pearl of great price. Then the challenge of Joshua to the Israelites in the drama of covenant renewal at Shechem is leveled at ourselves: Now, therefore,

26Jul 26 July, Tuesday of Week 17

The Way of the Covenant

While the heart of the Mosaic Torah is found at Exodus chapters 19-24, there is a major theological commentary on it, in chaps. 32-34, which really provides the key to the entire Book of Exodus. Because the Way of the Covenant is a total way of life


This is a combination of thoughts from a few words I tried to share at Mass yesterday and a piece I tried to write today.

Vincent Sherlock  (Achonry)