07Jul Brendan Hoban on Gerry O’Hanlon’s new book

Brendan Hoban reviewing Gerry O'Hanlon's book A New Vision for the Irish Catholic Church, A View from Ireland (Columba Press)

07Jul 07 July, Thursday of Week 14

Genuine Compassion

The ministry of the Twelve is not confined to preaching, for the news that the reign of God is at hand is to be exemplified by curing the sick, raising the dead, healing lepers, expelling demons. Jesus adds that what they have freely received, they must freely give to others, in a complete sharing of gifts and talents. The true meaning of "the reign of God," therefore, is seen in the generous relationships of daily life.

07Jul The Missionary Strategy of the Didache – Tom O’Loughlin

The Missionary Strategy of the Didache

Thomas O’Loughlin, University of Nottingham
Email: tom.o’loughlin@nottingham.ac.uk

Original PDF format document available on http://trn.sagepub.com/content/28/2/77.full.pdf+html.

The Didache is a short text, which was likely intended to be committed to memory, offering training in ‘The … Read the rest

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