09Jul 09 July, Saturday of Week 14

A Life of Courage

In the tradition of dedicating Saturdays to Mary, the mother of Jesus, we can blend all the crisscrossing ways of life, which converge in the mystery of divine providence.

There is no logical order in the various maxims gathered in the Gospel. In fact, the some of same maxims are quoted in other gospels while giving them a different application. To get their meaning,

09Jul Observations on new English translation

Carl P. Daw, Jr., former Executive Director of the Hymn Society, priest of the Episcopal Church, is a widely recognized expert on the English language in worship, and himself an author of numerous very fine hymn texts. Pray Tell asked him to comment on the English of the revised Missal translation – not from the standpoint of how to translate from Latin, but from the standpoint of the quality of the final text.  See PDF document on http://www.praytellblog.com/index.php/2011/07/05/observations-on-the-language-of-the-revised-missal/

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