10Jul 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time — Liturgy Preparation

On this July Sunday, Christians gather as pilgrims on a journey, asking God to keep them steadfast until they reach their eternal home: "In the Spirit, let us worship God who cares for us according to our needs."

10Jul 10 July, Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time


We celebrate Christ the gardener, who came to sow the seed of God's word in our world. The fate of that seed depends on the type of soil where it is sown. The growth of his grace in our lives all depends on how we receive it. Adding a very hopeful note, St Paul assures us that all of creation is in a state of evolutionary growth, to become all that God wants it to be: his own flourishing "Kingdom".

10Jul Finbarr Corkery on the New Missal

“ Meanwhile ,Catholic clergy worry about the new translation of the Roman Missal rather than trying to ensure that there will be people in churches to use it.” Studies 100:398: editorial.
The Irish Catholic church is in a crisis situation. … Read the rest

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