14Aug 14 Aug, Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time


The gospel shows a woman of great faith and determination. Like her, we can come to the Lord with our needs, trusting him even if at first he seems not to care about our predicament. With Jesus, there are no "outsiders" who are excluded from his grace just because of the accidents of birth, race or education. Similarly, Paul's great trust in God's universal saving will for humans allows him to trust that even his fellow-Jews who rejected Jesus will reach salvation.

14Aug Message to the priests of Cloyne from Rory Connor

The media have given very slanted versions of what is a very slanted Report – or just engaged in anti-clerical rants. However have priests in the Cloyne diocese done anything to correct the distortions? FOR EXAMPLE:

At least three allegations … Read the rest

14Aug 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time — Liturgy Preparation

The theme for this Sunday's liturgy is: 'Everyone is welcome in God’s house, everyone who loves God’s name'. In that spirit, Catholics gather for weekend celebrations to experience the warmth of the divine embrace.

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