28Aug 28 Aug, Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time


St Paul's ringing challenge to "present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God," is indeed a high ideal, a worthy target for all who wish to aim at realising the full value and potential of their lives. In Jeremiah and Jesus we have two inspiring examples of doing God's will in the teeth of opposition and danger. This is a message of living hope, to all those for whom life is a struggle, and for whom

28Aug Missal Translation – a Lutheran perspective

Lutheran Gail Ramshaw writes: Because I affirm the unity of the body of Christ, I consider that the health of one arm affects the entire body. Thus I am either strengthened or weakened by the worship style of other Christians. For decades I've worked as a lay Lutheran toward making the words of Christian worship communally approved, biblically inspired, theologically alive and masterfully crafted. Given these convictions, I say with sadness that the new English translation of the Roman Catholic Order of Mass, mandated by the Vatican to be inaugurated this Advent, wounds not only many of my Catholic friends but also me.
Let me apply these four goals not only to the forthcoming Roman Catholic rite but also to texts used by many Protestant churches. (Continues...)
It's on http://christiancentury.org/article/2011-08/yesterday-s-language

28Aug 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time – Liturgy Preparation

This weekend, Christians gather to praise God and to ask for help and grace. They know the difficulties that can come when they try to live the right way. Often the road of life is like the way of the cross.....

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