06Aug Request from some priests out of ministry

A small number of us priests who are out of ministry because of boundary issues realise that we can get through the sense of isolation and exclusion by being companions to each other.
If you are in a similar situation and experience a need for support or companionship, we invite you to contact the ACP to express your interest, so that we develop further a model of support that meets our needs.

Anybody who wishes to pursue this matter can either contact one of the leadership team, or email the website.

One Response

  1. Kevin Reynolds

    Priests out of ministry meeting together for support and solidarity looks like a good idea;its a dark and loenly place to be especially when there’s little or no hope of returning to ministry with the present draconian procedures and protocol. I was asked to withdraw from ministry on May 19th 2011 and I found myself in a daze, not able to think straight and not knowing where to turn. On RTE PRIME TIME INVESTIGATES May 23rd 2011 I was falsely accused of ‘having sexual relations with a teenage house maid in rural Kenya around 1982, making her pregnant, fathering her child, concealing the fact and leaving my position because of it’. I am suing RTE in the High Court thanks to the ACP.

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