30Sep 30 Sept, Friday of Week 26

Memories and Hopes

Today's text from Baruch dates to the Babylonian exile (587-539 B.C.), and the verse immediately preceding refers the autumnal feast of Tabernacles. A collection was being taken up, to be sent to Jerusalem for sacrifices and for helping the poor in the holy city

30Sep Harvest Thanksgiving

A parish's harvest thanksgiving can take the form of a special Eucharist or an ecumenical Service, or it can take place over the varied liturgies of a weekend. Relevant local people can be involved in in planning this event: in rural areas, members of organisations like the IFA or Macra might participate. Schoolchildren decorate the church for the celebration, reflecting all the beautiful elements of creation.

29Sep 29 Sept, Thursday, Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael

Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael

This excerpt from a homily on the Gospels (Hom. 32, 8-9: PL 76, 1250-1251) by St Gregory the Great is used in the Catholic Office of Readings for the Feast of the Archangels ...

28Sep 28 Sept, Wednesday of Week 26

Neh 2:1ff. The Persian king, Artaxerxes I allows the Jewish nobleman, Nehemiah, to go to Jerusalem, on a mission to rebuild its walls and restore the ancestral graves.

Lk 9:57ff. Jesus responds to prospective followers by a series of stern statements.

Courage amid Uncertainty

In career terms, Nehemiah had it made

28Sep Important Correction to Sam Miller article

Sam Miller picked up an error from a Sojourners article, which was subsequently corrected. The corrected article, with a note from historian Philip Jenkins, is given here.

28Sep AGM Notice, 4-5 Oct 2011

Annual General Meeting of the Association of Catholic Priests

Green Isle Hotel  (near Newlands Cross)
Theme: Priesthood in a Time of Crisis
Tuesday October 4th  a Public Session:
7. 30 to 9.30pm
Speaker: Fr. Kevin Hegarty – Priestly Ministry Today, An insider’s view.
T his will be followed by a Presentation to Fr. Seán Fagan SM for his years of service to Irish Theology
Wednesday October 5th 9.00- 10.30 am. Business Meeting for members.
11.00 to 12.30 – Dr. Marie Keenan – Challenges for Priestly Ministry in Ireland Today.

Accommodation available at the Green Isle, and also just down the road at Bewley’s, Newlands Cross

27Sep Excerpts of an article written by non-Catholic; Sam Miller – a prominent Cleveland Jewish businessman:

This was sent to me by Paddy O'Kane of Derry diocese

27Sep 27 Sept, Tuesday of Week 26

Making The Journey

Today we are invited to share in a journey to Jerusalem and the holy temple, there to worship God with many others. The spirit with which we travel forms the spirit with which we join in prayer at our gathering in church. This spirit, as we learn from the three readings, is not a generic

26Sep 26 Sept, Monday of Week 26

Children's Merits

Children remain the key to reflection through today's readings and give a glimpse of the new Jerusalem, Zechariah pictures the city with "boys and girls playing in the streets" and in the gospel Jesus turns to children to teach about the "greatest in the Kingdom of God."

25Sep 25 Sept, Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Jesus warns that prostitutes and tax-collectors may be closer to God than the religious leaders. Our social or religious standing gives us no exclusive rights to the mercy of God. The parable of the two sons, neither of whom does what he says he will do, highlights the dictum that "actions speak louder than words."