22Sep 22 Sept, Thursday of Week 25

Responses to Confusion

People can be faced with economic confusion, as reflected in the prophecy of Haggai; or again their religion may consist of mere curiosity, born of moral confusion, as was the case with Herod the tetrarch. But no situation is hopeless, for the Bible is not the story of sin and hell but of sin and conversion.

22Sep Report on Meeting of Clogher ACP

Twelve priests, including Bishop Liam, attended our 5th gathering of Clogher ACP on Wednesday 31st August in Clones. There were three apologies.

We began our meeting with a very beautiful, spiritual reflection and a report of our last meeting was … Read the rest

22Sep Bishop Olmstead and the Precious Blood

This is not a specifically Irish issue – it arises in the US diocese of Phoenix under Bishop Olmsted, and if the shindig grows any greater the Bishop may change his mind! However he is planning to restrict permission for … Read the rest