11Sep New Association in the U.S.

We are delighted to confirm that a new priest’s association has been formed in the United States, known as the Association of U.S. Catholic Priests.
We wish them the very best, and are delighted that one of their leaders, Bernard Survil, will be joining us for our AGM next month.

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  1. andrew Harper

    What has happened to the association in Austria – I had heard that they were very successful in the call for reform and that the bishops were in dialogue with them – do you still have the link to them?

  2. Paddy Ferry

    Andrew, if you go to the National Catholic Reporter site there is an article there at the moment ” PUSH FOR REFORM GROwS IN AUSTRIA”
    It will give you an up to date account of the present position of the reform movement in Austria.

  3. Brigitte Patricia Schmid

    Dear Andrew and dear Paddy, I am Brigitte Patricia, I am half irish
    and am living in Austria. I helped Helmut Schueller to get in contact with your Irish priests’ association. I am very happy about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (SMILE)
    I am sorry to tell you that there is till now no real dialogue
    between the association and the bishops. But Helmut will tell you more. He is coming in October to Dublin, too. He wrote me yesterday a sms.
    Sorry that I am writing to you, but I am also working in the church
    of Austria. And I am very happy that you have now contact. PLEASE don’t
    give up!!!!!!! And please don’t forget us women.
    I greet everyone of you and I support all of you!
    It smells a little bit after spring in our “cold” church and this gives big hope!

  4. Paddy Ferry

    Thank you for that, Brigitte. I am living in Scotland but I am 100% Irish. Wonderful news this evening from America with the new Association of American priests now a reality and, of course, inspired by our Association of Catholic Priests of Ireland.
    You can read the story tonight on the National Catholic Reporter site. The Spirit, at last, is moving.

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