25Sep 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Liturgy preparation

Christians believe God’s love is displayed in the life and death of Jesus. At the Sunday Eucharist they rejoice in this love, and celebrate the victory over sin and death won for them. God's challenging word is read and the Bread of Life shared by all who gather.

24Sep 24 Sept, Saturday of Week 25

Enigmatic Future

Today's Scriptures send out two quite different signals about the future. Zechariah's prophecy is strong in symbolic expressions of hope, while Jesus speaks bluntly and sternly about his death. Without the sobering reminder of death, the hopes expressed by the prophecy might deserve the

24Sep Vatican II: Lost and betrayed: Giovanni Franzoni

Vatican II: Lost and betrayed
Giovanni Franzoni, a former Benedictine abbot, Catholic theologian, and eyewitness to Vatican II, offered these reflections at the 31st Congress of the Asociación de Teólogos y Teólogas Juan XXIII in Madrid earlier this month. They

23Sep 23 Sept, Friday of Week 25

Life's Various Stages

All of life's stages are represented in today's texts. Even though each of us individually may identify with only one of these stages at this particular moment, we must come to a peaceful acceptance of our past and we need to prepare in advance for what lies ahead. Moreover as each of us lives in

23Sep Misjudgment in Boston: Thomas G. Guarino

An interesting article on Cardinal Sean O'Malley's recent decision to publish the names of all priests of his diocese who have been accused of child sexual abuse -- even those against whom nothing has yet been proven.

22Sep 22 Sept, Thursday of Week 25

Responses to Confusion

People can be faced with economic confusion, as reflected in the prophecy of Haggai; or again their religion may consist of mere curiosity, born of moral confusion, as was the case with Herod the tetrarch. But no situation is hopeless, for the Bible is not the story of sin and hell but of sin and conversion.

22Sep Report on Meeting of Clogher ACP

Twelve priests, including Bishop Liam, attended our 5th gathering of Clogher ACP on Wednesday 31st August in Clones. There were three apologies.

We began our meeting with a very beautiful, spiritual reflection and a report of our last meeting was …

22Sep Bishop Olmstead and the Precious Blood

This is not a specifically Irish issue – it arises in the US diocese of Phoenix under Bishop Olmsted, and if the shindig grows any greater the Bishop may change his mind! However he is planning to restrict permission for …

21Sep 21 Sept, Wednesday, St Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist

Eph 4:1-7,11-13. Of the many gifts of God to the Church, the apostles are of the foremost importance for the spread of the faith.

Mt 9:9-13. The call of the tax-collector, to be an apostle.

About St Matthew

21Sep Spirituality Today: Reclaiming the Buried Life. David Tacy

I found this article really stimulating and challenging, opening up many news ways of thinking about religion and spirituality

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