05Sep Stephen Collins in Monday’s Irish Times

Well worth reading. Stephen Collins in today’s (Monday’s) Irish Times is the best bit of clear common sense written about Church and State for some time, I believe. Note particularly his comments at the end on the seal of Confession.
Tony Flannery

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  1. Martin

    Is there a link? I don’t buy that newspaper.

  2. patrogers

    Martin, That STEPHEN COLLINS article you’re interested in is at:

    It begins: Time now for calm and rational debate on child abuse
    THE EAGERLY awaited response of the Vatican to the scathing criticism made by Taoiseach Enda Kenny in the Dáil last July following publication of the Cloyne report has left the Government in a quandary.

    In his speech to the Dáil in July, Kenny voiced the deep anger of the Irish people at the failure of the Catholic Church to deal adequately with child abuse and he received widespread praise for taking such a strong line.

    However, the detailed response from the Vatican makes clear that the Taoiseach was factually wrong to suggest that the Holy See “attempted to frustrate an inquiry in a sovereign democratic republic as little as three years ago, not three decades ago”.

  3. Martin

    Fr. Tony Flannery is from the Association of Catholic Priests.
    He says the entire situation has not been helpful.
    “It’s having a serious affect on people” he said.
    “I was at a meeting of priests some weeks ago who were responding to the Cloyne Report”.
    “There was a feeling among some of the priests there that maybe this whole thing was the tipping point and that people who up to now had hung in there in the Church and who were actually committed to their faith were now trending to say ‘I still want my faith, but I’m just finding it impossible to take the Church at the moment” he added.

    >>> My comment: The Church is a hospital for sinners, not a society for the perfect. Even the earthly leaders are not perfect! I’m not perfect. Nor are you. I just don’t accept this claim of people (I’m sure they say it) that they can take their faith but not the Church. Christ established the Church and if we are saved, it will be in the Church! All this talk about hanging in by your nails, and then walking away from the Church reveals the deep ignorance of the common people about the nature of the Church and its relationship to Christ. The bottom line is this: IF you are truly committed to your faith, you do NOT walk out on the Church. I think for those who do, they might look into the mirror on the way out and see all their own unacknowledged sins and self-righteous staring back at them as they beat up on the Church.

  4. Paddy Ferry

    I have to say I find Patsy McGarry’s Analysis in the same paper yesterday much more convincing than Stephen Collin’s piece.

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