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13 September, 2011 at 12:29
Re the impending legislation and Bishop Tartaglia’s comments.

As the train from Geneva stopped at Montreux on the way to Sion, right outside our carriage, two young guys kissed each other goodbye. The comments from some Celtic fans were such that I hoped the young guy getting on the train wouldn’t get into our carriage. I feared for him. Thankfully he didn’t.
I saw knuckle-draggers that day, and they werent Rangers fans.

Phil Tartaglia – You and the other Scottish Bishops stand utterly without a shred of credibility. You have allowed the Pope, Sodano, Bertone, Castrillon Hoyos and the Vatican Curia to remove any semblance of ‘collegiality’ from you without so much as a whimper.
You have sat back and watched these fascists rip apart Vatican II Council, be bought off by the insidious Opus Dei, ignore the culture of abuse of our children by priests and the disgusting attempts to cover up by these same people, you have watched them reward Marcel Maciel for years of abuse, you watched them give a Papal Knighthood to Rupert Murdoch while lecturing us on what newspapers we are allowed to read and clapped your hands as Escriva was made a saint and while they fast track Pius XII through the same process – dispensing with the use of the devils advocate for the first time in history regarding the last two. Worst of all, you lot dine with Cardinal Law when you are in Rome – a man being protected from prosecution in the United States by the Vatican, a man who collects $12, 000 A MONTH!! salary and is clearly being rewarded for NOT cooperating with the police re the shocking abuse of children in the US.
Saints like Oscar Romero and the wonderful John XXII are ignored.
Presently, you allow these people to impose a Latinate Mass on the English speaking population without a word on the bullying tactics they have employed. You sat and watched the chairman of ICEL, one of your brother Scottish Bishops, in tears as his life’s work on translating the Mass, was thrown down the toilet. You, with the other Scottish Bishops have kept silent and hoped no one would really notice as you sneak it in now.
So forgive me if I totally ignore your comments re marriage and gay people, especially when you yourself know how many Scottish priests are gay. Hypocrites.
Good luck on Thursday, Celtic.

4 Responses

  1. Nick Young

    Any chance of a link ?

  2. Simmary

    Sadly Celtic’s result last evening didn’t measure up to the effectiveness of this POV.

    There is a lot of articulated protest at present among priests in Europe and USA. Their protests need to grow and grow rapidly.

  3. Paul Brennan

    Hope it’s OK to pop in and say hello. You will all know that at Celtic we are a club open all, so the Celtic Quick News blog is always alive with debate. There are thousands of active users, including a few priests but what a handful they are!

    No idea how you manage to run an entire forum with such ‘turbulent’ views!

    Best wishes to your administrators.

  4. Máire

    “Telling it like it is”? It’s time for that, and more of it. I did not know about Cardinal Law’s $12,000/ month salary. Like everyone else, I knew Vatican officials were helping the Cardinal escape American justice, but not that they were rewarding him so generously for his criminal activity.

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