26Oct 26 Oct, Wednesday of Week 30

Narrow Door?

25Oct 25 Oct, Tuesday of Week 30

Sanctity of Everyday

24Oct Request from some priests out of ministry

A small number of us priests who are out of ministry because of boundary issues realise that we can get through the sense of isolation and exclusion by being companions to each other.
If you are in a similar situation …

24Oct 24 Oct, Monday of Week 30

Forever Healing

23Oct Australian bishops’ statement in Rome

This statement, from the Australian Bishops after their visit to Rome, was sent to us by Fr Gerry Hefferan, the head of the Australian Association of Priests. Does it seem a bit lame?

23Oct 23 Oct, Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

To love our neighbour as God does..

22Oct 22 Oct, Saturday of Week 29

Breaking down Barriers

21Oct Half joking, whole in earnest?

John Allen, National Catholic Reporter: Jesuit Fr. George Wilson offered this piece of advice to the seven Canadian bishops in the room: "If your staff hasn't told you at least once in the last year to go to Hell, you ought to fire them, because they're not doing their job."

21Oct Paddy O’Kane (Derry) on the AGM

This is Paddy O'Kane's account of the AGM, and of his own contribution. As you can see, he called on us to invite a bishop on to our leadership team.

Out of our 560 members, only four are from Derry diocese, so it is one of our weakest areas.

21Oct 21 Oct, Friday of Week 29

Sharing Hope

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